summer quinceanera

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One of the most important traditions in Mexico is the celebration of Quince Años (Fifteen Years). This is a ceremony that takes place on a girls fifteenth birthday and it marks her transition into womanhood. At this celebration there usually is a Mass in which she gives thanks to God for his blessings. Summer Quinceanera is a popular time.

This celebration honors the woman for her maturity and also her family as she is introduced to society.

The celebration begins with the aforementioned Mass, here the woman sits at the front of the church wearing a very elegant dress, usually pink or white (It should me mentioned that at this celebration everyone dresses to impress, it’ a very elegant event. Usually men wear suits or from time to time they attend in tuxedos , now since most people don’t own a they usually rent one ($40 – $80 USD). She receives all sorts of gifts from her parents, friends and most importantly, her godparents, they give her a tiara amongst other things. Around her are seated her “damas” and “chambelanes”, usually they are either relatives, siblings or her best friends. Once the mass is finished, she offers a bouquet of flowers to Virgin Mary.

After the Mass, it’ time for the party. Usually it is a big party, lasting well into the late hours at night. There is cake, dancing, a band and a lot of guests both for the young woman and for the parents. One of the main aspects of this party is that the guest of honor dances a waltz with either her father or with her “chambelan” her esort. This dance is usually well rehearsed from weeks in advance. After it there’s a toast and a public set of congratulations. Rose in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona have been working with Hispanic girls and their family for over 20 to provide the hottest and newest designer ’s and all the popular vest colors to match the girls dress.deninaamujer


People of Mexican descent, are mindful of their rich inheritance. Traditions and festivals are an important observance for families and the entire community. The quinceañera for a girl’s fifteenth birthday is among the most meaningful and beautiful occasions; one that is anticipated with much happiness, and remembered fondly by everyone involved. It is also among the more distinctive festivals marking Mexican culture.


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