window displays-How important is it?

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Tuxedo Rentals and Suits is Arizona’ largest Prom Tux Store with largest selection of colored vest rentals for prom and wedding .


Therefore, it is highly important that the mannequin displays, dressed in , adorn our retail shop windows with professional elegance and sophistication. When customers visit our tuxedo shop, the first marvels they see are our creativity designed mannequin displays. These captivating displays always look their best, attract attention, and invite passersby and customers to explore the shop.


Our window dresser, Ludri makes sure that every display is tightly done and rotates the coats on each mannequin every eight weeks so that they can be cleaned and dusted. Ludri is a perfectionist and contributes unparalleled creativity to the proclaimed success of Tuxedo Rentals and Suits. He even uses a stapler as a tool to make all extra clothing material on the display look sharp. A good window dresser has to be creative and inventively use things for the time of year, like Christmas season, the month of Valentines, winter, or summer.


Stop by Tuxedo Rentals and Suits, and enjoy the fantastic collection, sharp mannequin display, and perfect array of . We have three locations in Phoenix, Arizona. We love our window displays.

Red Tuxedo jacket
Red Tuxedo jacket at Rose Tuxedo for weddings, Prom’ and more
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