Keep It Classy– Even in the Heat

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Summer is perfect for outdoor weddings. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the days are longer. If you have been invited to a or you are in the bridal party or even if you are the groom, you may be expected to wear a suit or tuxedo so let’s talk about some ways to stay cool in that heat!

Guest: Instead of wearing a sports coat or suit jacket, opt for a suit vest or bypass the vest or jacket all together. As a guest, you’re not expected to dress to the nine’s as much as the wedding party, so slack off a little– no one will notice. Try gray pants instead of black and try a summer-styled shirt or tie to mix it up from the basic black pants and solid color tops and ties. Try a floral shirt or a striped tie, or do just about anything we discussed 2 weeks ago when talking about the Summer 2014 fashions!

Wedding Party: If you have any say in the attire, suggest that the men in the wedding party wear vests instead of tuxedo jackets or suit jackets! Especially for outdoor weddings. Everyone will look more comfortable and relaxed and less of the groomsmen will be pouring sweat if the ceremony is in the direct sun– or just about anywhere outside this time of year in Arizona! Suit pants and a dress shirt may be a little too casual, but a full tuxedo may be a bit overkill.

Groom: Ask your wife-to-be about going jacket-less. Maybe try opting for a dark gray suit or tuxedo. Show your bride how amazing you look in a suit jacket and slacks as compared to a stuffy tuxedo for an outdoor venue. If you aren’t choosing an outdoor venue, you may want to change your plans otherwise you may miss this beautiful Arizona weather. But if you do choose an indoor and air-conditioned venue, at least consider some fun summer colors instead of the boring black-and-white everyone does. It’s a classic look, but it wouldn’t hurt to try something different– a pop of color, some stripes, or some floral. The groom often wears a black and white full tuxedo and his groomsmen wear or suits with wedding theme colors, but it’s 2015; try something new and exciting! Step up and tell your wife-to-be what you want and what would make you comfortable.

Bride: We all love the classic ball gown look, but if you’re getting married in the summer- indoor or out- try something with a little less bulk. Try a mermaid style or something a little flowy and ethereal. Take a page from the trend of stylizing your wedding around the southern simplicity with tea, lemonade, and simple dresses. Keep the focus on you and your marriage instead of when you can get out of that hot and heavy dress. The less material, the cooler and more comfortable you will be. Even if you are having an indoor wedding at an air-conditioned venue, you may be more comfortable in a less massive dress. And listen to your man because those suits and can be really warm in the summer! Consider their comfort when planning an outdoor reception or ceremony.

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