Men’s Summer Fashions

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The Summer Solstice falls on Father’ Day this year, so let’ get ready for Father’ Day and Summer with a little help from Rose Tuxedo ! This week we’ll talk about what to expect for the summer fashion trends so you can show up to any event stylish and confident. It could also help you pick out a tie for your dad that he actually wants to wear!

STATEMENT STRIPES: According to the Fashion Beans website, stripes are going to be big this summer for both casual and formal wear. This isn’t a big surprise, but it’s something to keep in mind. Try out some striped pants to go with a basic sports coat or suit jacket, or opt for a striped polo with some khakis for a more casual event during the day.

RED: Bring out those bright colors you might not have wanted to wear during spring. Red screams excitement, vibrancy, energy, and “look at me!” Try a red suit jacket or tie to bring some attention to your ensemble or go for a red shirt, pants, or shorts, for a pop of color. It doesn’t have to be crimson, it can be a more muted or faded red if that your desires.

GREEN AND BLUE: This color pair works for so many seasons it’s ridiculous. Different shades or green and blue can be paired for a sense of matching without being a perfect match. Pair green pants with a blue shirt or blue pants with a green jacket and look put together, fun, and ready for summer. Don’t be afraid to play with different shades of these colors to stand out more or blend in with the crowd a little. These colors can be incorporated into your wardrobe throughout the year, so check out some blue or green pants that aren’t jeans or slacks to add a little variety.

FLORAL PRINT: The flowers are in full bloom all around you, so throw on some floral prints to match your surroundings. It’s been a print for ladies, but it’s coming into the masculine world in full force! Pick a piece with floral print for a focal point, and don’t overdo it. A shirt, jacket, or pants paired with some more basic pieces will do wonders! Great Men’s Summer Fashions.

DENIM: Your favorite material is back, guys! Denim is comfortable, casual, and can be dressed up to suit your needs for most occasions. Invest in some nice pieces that will work for a dinner out with the family for Father’s Day or a casual outdoors day wedding for a friend or just another casual Friday at work!

Many of these trends are the same as the past few seasons and years, but that’s the glory of men’s fashion! You don’t have to completely change your wardrobe every year. You can add a new piece or two every season and recycle some older looks to keep your wardrobe fresh but everything you have in your closet will come back around in another season or two, probably.

Add some of these color and material trend into your daily wardrobe or try out something new in your formal wear for work or celebrations. Pop on a floral print shirt for a less formal wedding, add some red, green, or blue to an interview outfit this summer, and have fun with fashion—who says women are the only ones who can have fun with clothes?



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