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Fathers, close family members, God fathers, and chambelanes may all need to wear suits , sometimes of a very specific type, to this wonderful celebration! We’ll talk this week about what to expect when you are a chambelan and discuss attire! Don’t forget to check out Rose for all of your quinceañera suit needs this spring and summer!

What is a chambelan? In short, a chambelan is an escort. There is an escort for the quince girl and then usually one for each dama in her Quinceanera court. The chambelan de honor is often the girls boyfriend, close guy friend, or a male family member. If your quince girl is having trouble picking her chambelan de honor, check out this page from’ site.

Rehearsal: The chamberlan is expected to perform a waltz to traditional music (often the song “Tiempo de Valz”) at the reception hall. You may be expected to perform more than one specific dance with the lady you are escorting.

Dancing: Besides the aforementioned waltzes, there is likely to be a dance in which you and the other men in the court will be expected to lift the lady of honor in her chair during a special performance. This should be rehearsed and make sure to lift with your back. After the family dances and special dance with the chamberlane de honor and the quince girl you may be free to dance as you please. It’ best to be respectful and dance with class and respect towards the girl and her family and friends. If you are her direct escort, try to avoid dancing with other girls unless your girl is ok with it, and it wouldn’t hurt to offer to dance with her mother, aunts, and young siblings or cousins, just be careful if you want to dance with one of her peers.

Suit: This event is usually taken about as serious as a wedding, so be prepared to dress to the nine’! You’ll also be told exactly what to wear, taking out the guess work for you, but you have little to no say about it. Some chamberlan suits are similar to those you’d see at Prom, but some options look more like a traditional military suit than a suit or tux . The more traditional styles may be less comfortable than common suits, but they give the party a special atmosphere and a unique look.

Transportation: Some Quinceañeras provide a limousine for the girl and her court, so you may be expected to get into a limousine. You may also be asked to help her get into the limo if her dress is cumbersome or awkward.

Feel Honored: If you were asked to be a chamberlane, especially the chamberlane de honor, then you must be special to the quince girl, so if you accept you should ensure you look and act the part. Check in with her about attire, hair, topics to discuss with family, and be respectful of the church and reception.

Pictures: There will be a ton of posed photographs taken, and probably some candid ones as well. Keep a smile on your face or opt for a stoic look—but do not look miserable—depending on your relation to the quince girl you may be forced to see this pictures time and time again! Do you really want to look like you’re miserable for your best friend’s important day?

Long Church Service: Many Quinceañeras feature a full mass followed by the special Quinceanera service.

Take this honor and have a good time, and consider Rose for your suit rentals for all of your quinceañera needs.

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