Thanksgiving Weddings

Here is some ideas why it’s a great date to have a Thanksgiving weekend wedding. It’s one of my favorite holidays. Family gathering and eating and it’s a time to be thankful for everything in your life. Is it also a great day to have a wedding?  Let’s have a look. You have Family and friends gathering together. Everyone is home anyway for the Thanksgiving holiday so why not?

thanksgiving wedding

All the wedding flowers!

Why you should choose a Thanksgiving wedding

thanksgiving weekend

thanksgiving weekend

We love the idea of a Thanksgiving wedding with a long holiday weekend to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. If you’re getting married during Thanksgiving weekend, you don’t have to have a wedding that’s all about Turkey day. It’s still a and how they choose a color palette that effortlessly flow from the food and drinks being served. And the venue and styles. Fall is part of Thanksgiving and you just can’t help certain things that bring all the holidays together. So what’s the benefit of having your wedding on Thanksgiving Weekend? I say everything!

As a guest what are your thoughts on having a wedding over the Thanksgiving holiday?