Ordering Online is Great But…

We all love convenience. And that is the horse the entire industry of e-commerce seems to be riding on. Very successfully for that matter. “Bye bye to brick mortar, say yes to click and buy”. But at what point does convenience begin to hurt you, and your wallet? Let’s discuss.

Ordering clothes online are the newest trend in clothing sales

There may be some benefits to ordering online but there are also many drawbacks. One of the biggest pitfalls when ordering online is fitting issues. You just can’t replace the great fit of a shirt or pants that have been tried on in person. In most cases, no matter how hard you try you are going to run into some trouble with the fit of the attire. If you can try the item on in person you will know right away whether or not you should buy whatever it is you are contemplating.

Ordering online

Ordering online, not always good. Scary

You want to make sure that your clothing fits just right to pull off that perfect look. If not you may end up with an odd looking fit that might be embarr