How Not to Suck at Prom 2019 (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about the first 3 checklists of being your best in your Prom 2019. We are continuing that list here.

Checklist 4: Prom Tickets

Buy prom tickets for you and your date. If there is an after-prom party that requires a ticket, buy those too. Do not forget this.

Checklist 5: Dinner Reservations

If your school makes provision for dinner, then you can skip this, if not pay attention. If you are going with your date in a group, you could make a dinner reservation. Bear in mind that people in the group have preferences, so avoid exotic restaurants.  Go for the more traditional ones that also serve vegetarian meals.

Checklist 6: Buy her a Corsage

This is usually forgotten in all the hype. That is why you have this checklist. Buy her a corsage. You could even ask her the color she would prefer and get it. Do the shopping yourself. There is a wide range of flowers to pick from. Find out which she prefers, go to a floral shop, buy it and preserve it, usually by refrigeration.

Checklist 7: Transportation

Usually, a limo service would suffice. It behooves me to explain the pros and cons of this service. Using a limo service means you will have to pool resources with your group. And, the atmosphere may not be exactly what you or your date wants. You may want a nice and romantic atmosphere, the limo service would not provide that unless of course, you have the money to hire it alone.

So to be clear, if you want the fun, laughter, and heat that comes with riding with your friends, go for the limo service. If you are like me and you prefer a nice and romantic atmosphere with your date, then you could go with your car. Make your choice and make plans accordingly for it.

Checklist 8: Prepare for Prom

The long awaited day is here, you are ready to have fun. You’ve rented a tux , made dinner reservations, made transportation plans, you’re ready. There are still things to take care of on this day.

  • Clean your car: Wash your car, arrange the interior, polish the dashboards and take out anything that doesn’t belong in a car.
  • Clean yourself: Get a haircut, shower properly, apply cologne sparingly. It is not too much, your date is at a salon for her hair, pedicure, and She is going to look great, look good too.
  • Start early: Make sure you are ready an hour to when you are supposed to pick her up.
  • Prep Talk: You look dapper, look at the mirror. Sing Black Eyed Peas “I’ve got a feeling” to yourself. Because tonight is going to be a good night.
  • Remember to go with your tickets and corsage.

Checklist 9: Pick up your Date

Get to your date’s house on time. Do not be late. She’ll probably not the