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High school has always been spiced up by various school dances or even informal shindigs among friends. All these get-togethers play a crucial part in the social lives of students. They are the perfect time to come together, dance, laugh and make friends for life. High school dances are also great occasions to unwind, forget everything about tests and homework and focus on more pleasant things, such as having a great time with your friends. However, most of these school dances are formal, and this is why you need the perfect attire, regardless if it is a stylish tuxedo or a breathtaking dress.


Being properly dressed for the occasion is one of the things that high school students learn from an early age. Most of them are well aware that certain occasions require certain attire and they do not fail to impress everyone with their sense of style. Could you imagine going to prom and not wearing a suit or a wonderful, classy dress? We know, that would be absolutely awful! Only the thought of your crush seeing you wear something inappropriate for such a formal occasion would be enough to give anyone nightmares.

However, there are some school dances that don’t necessarily require you to wear that kind of formal attire. Believe it or not, there are some occasions where you can actually skip the suit and the breathtaking dress. Keep in mind that this is mostly depends on what the school decides regarding the dress code. For instance, if prom and the winter formal are, without an exception, formal occasions that definitely require boys to wear a suit and girls to wear dresses, homecoming may even have a semiformal dress code. This means that the suit can be replaced with a polo shirt and slacks.

However, if it is unclear exactly what the dress code is for a certain school dance, then our advice would definitely be to over – dress. It is always better to have a smart outfit in a room full of people wearing casual clothes, than the other way around. Besides, being over – dressed in a stylish suit will surely make everyone look at you in admiration (that includes you date).


Other school dances that may have either a formal or an informal dress code requirement are Spring Fling and Sadie Hawkins. Again, it is entirely up to the school if the dress code is suit and dress or something else less formal. And again, if in doubt, you can always be the shiniest star in the room and over dress.

One thing you should keep in mind, regardless of the occasion and regardless of what school dance you and your friends are going to attend: Rose Tuxedo will always be her to help you out, no matter what kind of a suit, vest or tuxedo you need. Just drop by anytime so that you can try out our latest models.

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