Donations is something that every Specialist does in some fashion through out the year. As a small business owner in the community it’s always nice to give back. Rose has 3 locations in Phoenix AZ and surrounding cities. During the year Rose get’s asked to donate rental tuxedos for Prom Fashion shows, Wedding Photo shoots, Free Tux rentals for Nonprofit give a ways and so much more. Our favorite donations always go out to the underprivileged children. We love to suit them up and see how much they smile and feel good when they are all dressed up. 

September is National Recovery Month. Rose has been providing Scottsdale Recovery Center with Tuxedo and Suit rentals. What SRC does every year to celebrate the accomplishments of some of their past patients and current ones is nothing short of awesome. They always reach out to us and ask for around 10 donated tuxedo rentals to make they September Month party fun and entertaining for all. We always there to watch the personal stories and they excitement of each patient. Dressing up changes how people feel about themselves and some people have never worn a tuxedo or suit and really feel the difference in their perception when they do. SRC

As a small business owner we always believe in shopping local. When you shop local all your dollars spent stay in the state. Rose Tuxedo is a small family owned business and we have been suiting the valley since 1980. We believe in giving back and helping our community. If any organization or Wedding Photographer, School or Non profit would like some donated tuxedos for your next event you are always welcome