Suits and Tuxedo Ideas for Fall Weddings

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All too soon fall has arrived. It feels as though it was just yesterday 2018 began and its almost the end of the year. Nothing says the end of the year is near than the colorful foliage, the not too hot and not too cold weather in fall. It gets people in the mood for celebration, little wonder many people feel fall is the best season for weddings. Folks will want to take advantage of the breathtaking landscape mother nature gives.

Moreover, fall gives you a wider choice of formal wear to choose from. How? Where the weather is concerned. In fall, the weather is not too hot and not too cold either, it hovers somewhere in between, you won’t have to think twice to put on your black suits or tuxedoes. Unlike in summer and winter, even spring, you’ll feel very snug in your suit in the day.

Demand in the formal wear industry is not as high as it is in spring as most schools hold their prom in spring. People attending occasions and weddings in fall won’t have to compete too hard for renting formal wear. In other seasons, such as spring, there’s the high demand for formal clothes and this causes an issue of scarcity. However, in fall, their lots to choose from, selections are endless and not much is in scarce.

Below are some popular ideas for weddings this fall.


Don’t let the plain black fool you, there’s nothing simple about an elegantly tailored black . These suits speak of class, style, grace and are popular choices for weddings and formal occasions held in the evenings. However, they’re also used a lot in the daytime weddings.

Grey Tuxedos

Like black tuxedos, grey tuxedos are generally accepted as popular attires. Although versatile – they work great indoor and outdoors – but they’re chiefly used outdoors. Their rich grey colors make them very suitable for the colorful backdrop that is the fall foliage.

Tan Suits

These suits standout in any occasion – weddings, ballroom dances, dinners, you name them – courtesy of their calm tan color. Although unique, these suits are less easier to maintain.

Other Tuxedos

Try not to let uncategorized nature to make you think they’re in any way less special to black and grey tuxedos. Take for instance the brown tuxes, which are seasonal, their popularity rises at this time of the year. Silver suits may be a little untraditional for fall weddings at this time of the year but they’re starting to get very popular as their appeal grows daily.

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