Tuxedos: Men’s Formal Wear for the Holiday Season

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December is a popular time of the year for wedding engagements. During this time of the year, many couples will pop the question on either Christmas Eve or Christmas day. After the wedding proposal, there is a lot of work to do in order to get ready for a wedding. The men especially have one task that they will need to take care of and that is finding a tuxedo . Of course tuxedos are not only worn at wedding either. Many young men will rent prom tuxedos other kinds of men’s formal wear. However regardless of the occasion there are some basic guidelines to follow for suit rentals.

Tuxedos : Rental Guide

First of all you will need to pick out the tuxedo that you need for your event or wedding. That means you will want to look at the different choices, colors, and styles that are available. You will also want to get a head count for everyone that will be included. Once you have completed this task you will need to place an order for the tuxedos that you want to rent.

The next thing to do is to get measurements to the tuxedo shop. This only takes a few minutes and does not require an appointment. Most tuxedo shops employ highly trained staff and are more than happy to take a quick measurement. Everyone who needs a tuxedo will need to come in for a measurement. You should never attempt to take your own measurement for this. If someone in your party lives out of state and is able to come into the exact tuxedo shops, most tuxedo shops are happy to take measurements either for free or a small fee.

Everyone in the party should look the same. That means items like the overcoat, vest, pants, ties, and shoes should match. Occasionally the father of the bride or the groom might have a slight variation in their outfit to set them apart, but everyone else should look exactly the same. This is why it is very important to rent shoes along with the tuxedo in order to maintain consistency.

When it is time to pick up the tuxedo, it is best to try it one at the shop prior to leaving. While most of the time there is no problem, however you do not want to find out at the last minute that you tuxedo needs an alteration or that there is something missing. Tuxedo shops have staff that are able to do alterations in house if it is needed. Also if they have enough advance notice they will be able to work with you to get the remaining items.

Finally you will need to return the items when you are done using them. Make sure the tuxedos are clean and not damaged. Also be sure to return all of the accessories that came with the tuxedo. If the tuxedo shop is a chain then it should be okay to return a suit to a more convenient location if needed. Otherwise be sure to make arrangements with someone you trust to return the tuxedo.

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