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  Tuxedo rental Special for Prom, Wedding tuxedos , Quinceaneras and single orders.

Groom’s Tux Free with 5 Paid rentals.

take a screen shot and bring this in for more savings.

Vest/Pant only Outfits $49.95. Over 50 different designer Tuxedo’s in-stock.

 ($79.95 Black basic style, black vest/tie, shoes and colored vest not included)

ANY TUX $99 BUCKS for our Classic collection Tuxedo Rentals 15 complete styles with 1000’s of colored vest and tie’s to choose from, plus tax & waiver.

We have daily tuxedo specials so check out our blog page. Rose Tuxedo has designer tuxedos in stock for every occasion. Quinceanera Chambelan suits, Promotion and Summer and Fall Wedding tuxedos .

We have outfits for wedding tuxedos best prices guaranteed.

The tuxedo’s below are just of the few our latest and hottest Designer Tuxedo rentals you get a choice of in our Classic Collection 10 styles $99.95.

Arizona’s largest tuxedo vest collection in the state! come on down.


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