"The Flat front Pant"
Tuxedo flat front pants

There are many momentous occasions where formal wear may be the required attire. However, not many people have the luxury of owning a closet full of formal wear. That does not mean that they will have to forgo the party, because there are numerous choices available when you wear tuxedo rental pants or suit rental pants from a Tux shop for your next wedding, prom, or other occasion.

When you need a suit or tuxedo for your next fancy outing, we can find something in your size at Rose Tuxedo. The professionals on staff will measure you and make sure that all parts of your attire fit you perfectly. However, there is more to consider than just the size of the garments needed. There are many different styles and colors to consider when shopping for formal wear.The tuxedo rental pants or suit rental pants that are chosen need to accentuate the wearer’s body type and style. How the pants of the suit fit the wearer will determine how the suit looks on the wearer overall as a whole. When looking at tuxedo pants, the pleated version verses the non-pleated version will make a huge impact on the overall look of the suit.In the instance of pleated pants, the pleat running length wise down the leg gives the wearer a slimming look along with a Slim Fitted Tuxedo jacket. The straight line makes the wearer appear to be taller and thinner. If you have a wedding party of larger men, pleated pants will give the group a slimming and uniform look. Pleated pants make the wearer look distinguished and professional as well.Many of the wearers of Tux pants choose to wear the non-pleated version of the rental pants. High school students most often choose this style of pants for their Prom. There are also suits and suit pants for rent for weddings and all other occasions. The style of the non-pleated pants is a flattering look for the slimmer of the gentlemen seeking to rent a suit or tuxedo pants. Not every Tuxedo Jacket comes with flat front pants, most come with pleated tuxedo trousers unless you ask for them with a small up grade.For your next wedding, prom, or other formal occasion, it is a great idea to rent your suit or tuxedo from a Tux shop. You will be able to rent the perfect fitting suit, tuxedo rental pants, suit rental pants, or any other formal wear needs from our Tuxedo Shop. We carry and rent both types of suit and tuxedo pants at Rose Tuxedo. Men’s tuxedo & suit pleated pants vs Non Pleated is up to you. Non Pleat pant are an up charge. 

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