Tuxedos and men fashion are like 5 and 6; one can’t be talked about without mentioning the other. Just as much as you can’t mention James Bond and not think about his tuxedos . Another word for “dapper” is almost ““.

If you have some dough and you went to Las Vegas to blow it all away, you will dress in a . Dressed in a , you will look respectable and ready to dominate the poker table.

For homecoming dance or a dinner night, men love to dress in tuxedos.

Tuxedo on a red carpet

Tuxedos on a red carpet

Prom nights are coloured with high school boys wearing tuxedos of different colors in order to look razor sharp and dapper for their dates. This is a night they always want to remember and it’s best to look best for a one-time event.

Wedding day tuxedos

Speaking of one-time events, what about that special day? Your wedding day. The day when a man and woman choose to stay together forever in love. The man always appears, looking his best in a tuxedo . Why should it be a tuxedo ? Women have a lot of options of dresses for these events but men have just one – a tuxedo. There’s certainly something about a tuxedo.