Boy’s back to School Clothing

HOW TO DRESS FOR A FORMAL OCCASIONYou can always find more information here at this link We help out anyone from young boys to teens. Whenever you get invited to a formal occasion, like a school dance, it’s a big deal. You have to know how to dress. The idea is not to show up in jeans and a t-shirt. You need to dress and act appropriately.

Here are a few tips on what to do when these events crop up.


Some of your school formals will require you to dress in a tuxedo. This means wearing a black tie. This gives young boys and teens a chance to show off their dapper side. Some boys don’t like getting dressed up, and that’s okay. I’ll be honest, I was never the “get dressed up” kind of guy either. Sometimes you have to put aside that pretense and bite the bullet.

The black tie is just the beginning for the tuxedo. Winter formal wear for guys there are other components. Let’s look into some of the more important factors to consider.

1) The black jacket–This is a must. It’s better to go with the short evening jacket look. Unless you need to wear the long-tail jacket, which most school formals won’t require, stick with the short form jacket. It should always be single-breasted. Why? It’s the best one for comfort. It’s also more open than the double-breasted one.

Your lapels should also be sweeping in an upwards motion. The shawl collar is kind of a neutral feature. If you want to wear it for your school formal, go ahead. It’s not really required though. Most of your friends will not be wearing them.

2) The dinner jacket pants–The material can be satin or silk. You can also pick grosgrain too. The piping should always be matching the lapel. If your school formal is not the whole “black-tie” deal, the piping is not as necessary. Never cuff the pants at the bottom. You might do this with your everyday pants, but it’s considered a no-no here.

3) The shirt–Always white. You also need to make sure it’s a “tuxedo shirt.” There is a difference between regular dress shirts and the tuxedo shirt. Never wear a regular dress shirt. People will notice. You will look out of place. The color must always be white, no exceptions. If you have any questions about what a tuxedo dress shirt looks like, look at our site.

Do you have a formal event coming up at your school? Come and talk to us. We can help you find the best look. Our webpage link is listed above.

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