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Suits for Christmas Parties!

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We’re less than 2 weeks away from Christmas, three away from New Year’s! If you have other winter celebrations to attend to, we can help you as well! Winter is a beautiful time of the year where friends and family get together to celebrate any number of holidays! We have attire for your Christmas parties, Hanukkah gatherings, Solstice celebrations, Festivus festivities, and many more! Looking your best at a party is a must, right? Right. Let us help you look amazing for any and all holiday celebrations you have this year.

holiday attireWe have dozens of colors available for your suit , long tie, bow tie , shirt, pocket squares, etc. We have some beautiful dark reds and purples, perfect for New Year’s and Christmas! We also have some beautiful blues and reds and a few shades of white. Forget the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” as a default to wear to your holiday parties, opt for some classier options with our suits , jackets, and/or slacks.

A suit doesn’t have to be boring or make you look stuck up at the office holiday party. Tone it down with a plaid button-down shirt or throw on a festive tie, socks, scarf, or hat.

We offer suit rentals, of course, but why not treat yourself this holiday season and buy yourself a suit from our wide range of men’s warehouse options! One suit can fit many needs from job interviews, holiday parties, weddings, funerals, birthday parties, and more! Mix it up with different shirts and ties and you could wear the same basic suit to every formal or semi-formal event for the entire year of 2016!

If you aren’t much of a suit wearer but you want to impress your in-laws, boss, or that cute girl you know will be at your friends party, let us know and we’ll hook you up with the best suits in town! You will be dressed to impress anyone and everyone at your holiday parties. Even if you know nothing about suits, we can help you find the right fit, color, style, and more.

holiday attireGive us a call, visit our shop, or use our online tools to get the suit that is right for you! Online ordering is a breeze and we all know how stressful it can be going out and about shopping this close to Christmas! Order the perfect suit, jacket, slacks, shirts, ties, and more from the comfort of your computer chair, sofa, work desk, or anywhere you have internet connection and soon you will have an amazing suit delivered to your doorstep!

We’re so glad to have had the chance to help the amazing men and women of Arizona look their best in our suits and tuxedos , and we hope you continue to give us your business as we dive head first into the New Year. We’d love to help you celebrate the new year as well as any and all events in your future. Keep us in mind!

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Holiday Party Attire for Men and ladies

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Holiday Party Attire    holiday attire

The holidays are a great time to wear that beautiful dress in the back of your closet or to rent a stylish tuxedo from somewhere like Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, Arizona. There are holiday parties at work as well as at home and having the perfect holiday party attire can save you time and money while still allowing you to look polished and put together. Below are some tips and tricks for both men and women who want to choose the perfect holiday party attire for their home or office party.

Holiday parties are a great chance for women to wear fun and festive colors. Some women may not feel comfortable wearing a red dress or outfit on a regular occasion but holiday parties are a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. A red dress is always a classic piece for any holiday party attire. Not only does it look festive but it also helps you to stand out which is perfect for those office parties that you know the boss will be attending. If red is a little to bright or festive a nice dark green or dark blue also looks great at any holiday party.

If a dress is just not your thing why not try a red or black pants suit. A red pants suit allows you to be festive and colorful while a black pants suit typically looks classier and more sophisticated. Aside from a dress or pants suit women can also try a skirt, a romper or even women’s tuxedo.  holiday attire

When choosing what outfit to wear women should also keep in mind what shoes, bag and accessories you will wear. If you are wearing a red dress or outfit you can wear black heels, red heels or even gold or silver heels. If you are wearing something a little simpler like a black dress or outfit you may want to add a pop of color by wearing red, silver or even green heels. A red, green or black purse work well with almost any outfit or color. For jewelry gold or silver works well at any holiday party.  holiday Party attire

For men the best holiday party attire is always a man’s suit or tuxedo. Suits and tuxedos look stylish, sophisticated and very well put together. They are perfect for any home or office party especially those with a more fancy feel or those that require black tie attire. Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, Arizona not only has Men’s and ladies suit rentals and tuxedo rentals but they can also put together a look for you making it even easier to choose a party outfit.

If you are going to a more casual or laid back home or office holiday party men can dress comfortable or casual in dress pants and a nice sweater or even khakis and a nice button down shirt. Keep in mind though you will be seeing a lot of family and coworkers and you want to look your best.

Rose Tuxedo has a awesome black suit rental for you or a Grey Suit rental and we suit all of Phoenix and surrounding cities. We have a Mesa Tuxedo rental shop also. For lady Holiday Party attire you can always take a look at Luv Bridal and mention Rose Tuxedo for more savings.

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Suits for the Holidays

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Rose Tuxedo Mesa, Phoenix

We’ve got a couple holidays coming up, so it’s time to start thinking of what you’re going to wear to all of those gatherings and parties. We’ve got Thanksgiving gatherings with friends and family, Christmas celebrations with everyone, and New Year’s Eve parties! We’re going to start talking about how we can make you look your best for the rest of the major 2015 holidays, starting with Thanksgiving.


  • New Couples: This is a time when newer couples may start meeting parents, grandparents, and other family members. It is a great time to put your best foot forward and wear a suit (or piece out a suit for a more casual look). Make a great first impression to the picky aunts your girlfriend may have warned you about.
  • Established Couples: From the engaged couples, to the newlyweds to the “When are you getting married?” couples, Thanksgiving is a time to keep up any preconceived notions of perfection you may have built over the years. Show your partner’s family that you’re still awesome and you still look great with a suit, sports coat, or even just slacks and a vest. We can help you with any suit pieces as well as ties. Utilize our warehouse prices or our rental services to look awesome.
  • Tried and True Couples: There’s always one family member who always has something to say about how you look, your weight, your job, or something else about you as a person. Show them just how awesome you can be in a snazzy suit (full or pieced out, of course). The right suit will slim you down and boost your confidence so you can deal with even the grumpiest of in-laws.


  • Couples: Here’s a chance to continue showing how modern, classy, and amazing you are. Show up in something different, but still classy to make your family (and your partner’s family) see that you weren’t just showing off for Thanksgiving—this is who you are (or at least can be).
  • Office Parties: Spruce up your look with a suit rental to show off for your office crush or to show your boss just how professional you can look and act.
  • Friends: Show up your friends and be the best dressed man (or woman) there. A suit is a great way to stand out—especially if everyone’s just showing up in Christmas sweaters. We offer suits, ties, and other pieces in various colors. So mix and match to beat the “ugly Christmas,” fad or just look awesome and get some attention for the right reasons.
  • Family: Convince your relatives you never see that you’re doing better than ever—or get them off your back for “dressing like a slob,” if they’re the type who think the youth of today doesn’t respect classic fashion. Be the talk of the party and maybe get out of doing dishes or helping cook because you “might ruin the suit.”
Prom 2015 at Rose Tuxedo

Prom 2015 at Rose Tuxedo

New Year’s

Start the year off right by looking completely dashing. Leave the night with your partner knowing you were the best dressed ones there, or catch the eye of the lucky lady who will be the recipient of your first kiss of the New Year. Ladies, try a suit or tux to start the year off in fashion and show that it’s not just men who get to have fun with the suits and ties. It’s even better if your New Year’s Resolution is to stop dressing like everyone tells you to (because really, who says girls can’t rock what men can?)


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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