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Last Chance for Summer Weddings

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Female guest attire for the ladies.

Female guest attire for the ladies.

September may scream “fall,” to most people—Pumpkin Spice is popping up everywhere already—but it’s still Summer throughout most of September, guys! Let’s finish up the season strong! There’s still time to have that perfect Summer wedding. At Rose Tuxedo we still have plenty of Summer colors to choose from for any groomsman, best man, groom, and any guest in attendance!

We can match colors with anything you find at bridal boutiques (as well as most prom dresses).

If you’re looking to attend a summer wedding soon, we have some beautiful ideas as to what you can wear! Check out the images throughout this post for some lovely ideas, ladies! And for you fellas out there, take a note from your female counterparts and try some floral prints, pastel colors, and thin material to be the perfect wedding guest.

Ladies, ladies and ladies!

Ladies, ladies and ladies!

Summer weddings should be about color, flowers, heat, passion, and beauty. Who doesn’t love being outside on a beautiful Summer afternoon or evening? How beautiful is it to dance under the stars at midnight with your new spouse? Play some of the top hits of summer or stick to wedding classics and staples, or go indie and play obscure things your guests have probably never heard of. Summer is about fun, so go all out and do something great! You only get married once (hopefully), so make it beautiful.

Stay within your budget with Rose Tuxedo ! We offer high end boutique and men’s warehouse quality at discount prices! No point in spending a fortune on suits or tuxedos that will be worn once! We offer great prices for both rentals and purchases! We can work with any budget, any theme, all color schemes, and all shapes or sizes!

Summer wedding attire for ladies!

Summer wedding attire for ladies!

Next week we’ll talk about some awesome wedding traditions to give you some ideas and to explain why we do the things we do! Stay tuned to Rose Tuxedo every weekend to learn about weddings, fashion, formal events, and more! We’re your one stop shop for all formal and semi-formal attire to make you look like a million bucks!

Come to Rose Tuxedo for all of your formal attire needs. We can work with children and adults alike (even those men who sometimes act like children, ladies). Before you know it, Homecoming dances and Prom will be around the corner, so when you’re done with Quinceaneras and weddings, it’s time to start planning school dances and graduations! Let’s make 2015 great with amazing fashion! Look your best for the best year you’ve had so far!

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wedding ceremony traditions phoenix AZ

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A Collection Of Traditions

A wedding is the biggest day that two people will potentially share in their lives. Of course, half the excitement and the special moments come long before that big day. They come during the planning stages. When two people are planning a wedding, they have lots of options and room for creativity. They can decide their own colors, their own theme, the food, the guests, and much more. There are, however, a few things that they don’t touch. These are the things that are deeply rooted in traditions. Wedding Traditions have been around for many years and they will be around for years to come. Of course, the wedding traditions can vary from couple to couple. For many, they like to keep up with these traditions because it’s something that means a lot to them, their families, and their faiths.

One of the most popular wedding traditions is not having the bride and groom see each other before the big ceremony. A lot of people see this as a sign of bad luck, not to mention for many it ruins the surprise and anticipation of seeing your lover for the first time on the aisle. Another big tradition involves the placing of the rings. The wedding rings as well as engagement rings are placed on the fourth finger of the left hand. This was because it was thought that the vein in that finger led right to the heart. Throwing rice as a bride and groom leave the wedding celebration isn’t just a fun and goofy activity. It’s a tradition that is thought to bring good luck. Finally, all of the popular aspects like a white wedding dress, a tiered wedding cake with bride and groom toppers, ceremonial walks down the aisle, and much more are all traditions. Wedding ceremony traditions Phoenix AZ are pretty much the same as American

Perhaps the most important tradition is what people wear on their wedding day. The proper clothes can make or break that special day. The company Rose Tuxedo understands. They offer high quality and gorgeous looking tuxedos for the men on that special day. They offer 3 convenient locations in Arizona. That makes it easily accessible for those who need a tux to come and grab one! The expert staff at Rose Tuxedo will be on hand to assist with all questions, offer guidance, and give suggestions.

Overall, a wedding is made up of collection of traditions. These are important to the bride, the groom, the families, and the guests. Traditions are what helps to make a special day special.

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Cruise Lines and Classic Fashion

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Rent your Tuxedo before you board!

Rent your Tuxedo before you board!

Summer isn’t over just yet, so you still have time to book that cruise you’ve wanted to go on! Get out of the Arizona heat for a few days and recharge before the busy seasons between work and family activities and school come back. Before you go on that cruise, remember that Rose Tuxedo is here for all of your men’s formal wear rentals and purchasing. Today we’ll talk about a few different types of cruise types and why you may want to take some formal wear!

  1. Couples Cruises: Take your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, or spouse for a romantic getaway where neither of you have to cook or clean and you can sit around doing nothing in the open sea air or you can partake in some of the amazing cruise line activities many of these lines offer, such as surfing, SCUBA diving, shuffleboard, dance classes, movie nights, and more. Take some formal wear for those fancy dinners with the captain or any banquets and dances the cruise line may offer. Besides, who doesn’t want to see their man in a suit at dinner one in a while?
  2. Family Cruises: Use this opportunity to get some great family portraits or photos taken, and show a little class and introduce your children to fine dining and classy attire. Even a Disney cruise may have some fancy events for you and your loved ones to practice your manners and feel like royalty for an evening.
  3. Singles Cruises: Find that special someone on a relaxing vacation and be sure to pack a suit or tuxedo for speed dating or other activities where dressing to impress can improve your chances of meeting someone special. This could be the perfect time to try out some new fashion choices like suit vests with non-dress pants, mixing slacks and sweaters, or other fashion combos.
  4. Dinner with the Captain, look your best at Rose!

    Dinner with the Captain, look your best at Rose!

    Party Cruises: Much line any other cruise, you may find yourself eating dinner with the captain or partaking in a slightly more formal event. If nothing else, you’ll stand out in a suit vest or jacket alongside less formal wear. Look snazzy and put together without looking like you’re “trying too hard.”

  5. European Cruises: Visit an entirely new country and impress everyone with high fashion slim suits and look like someone of importance. Maybe you’ll land a date with a beautiful French woman or a gorgeous Italian lady at a fancy bistro or a coffee shop.

No matter what kind of cruise you attend, be sure to bring at least one formal outfit because sometimes you don’t think you’ll want to partake in any of the fine dining options, but you may change your mind at the last minute, so go prepared and get some amazing pictures to post to Instagram or Facebook. Tell everyone Rose Tuxedo set you up with the best men’s fashion around.

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Taking a Date to a Wedding: A Guide

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Grey suit or tuxedo

Some of us are being invited to a different wedding every week, and those of us who are not married or in a committed relationship may want to take a date! If you want to take a “plus one,” there are some general things to avoid and things to do to make it a nice night without drama! Today we’ll give some advice on taking a date to a wedding!

  1. Dress appropriately: While you aren’t expected to match your date, dress as the dress code requires. A suit that is clean, fits well, and is in style is always a safe bet, regardless of the season, time of day, and the formality of the wedding.
  2. Make sure you can bring a date: Clear both the person you’ve invited and that you can bring someone before showing up to a wedding with a date. Without proper notice, things can get awkward. Your date may not have a place to sit, a plate of food, and it could just come across as rude to the bride and groom.
  3. Don’t assume: If you’re in a stable relationship and you were at the time you were invited, don’t assume your partner is automatically invited. Clear their attendance with the bride and groom.
  4. If you’re unsure: If you think you’re likely to bring a date when you RSVP, ask ahead of time if you can bring someone. It’s better to not show up with a date when you said you would than show up with one uninvited. That way there’s less pressure if you and your partner split right before the wedding. You can bring a friend or a romantic interest.
  5. Don’t lie to your date: If you want this to be just a fun outing, let them know. If you have romantic intentions, let them know. Don’t just say “want to go to a wedding with me?” and leave it at that. Let them know who the wedding is for, their relation to you, why you asked them, etc.
  6. “Wedding Date” can sound like a serious next step: If you’re seeing someone and you invite them to a wedding, be prepared for them to ask if this means your relationship is getting more serious. Follow tip 5 on how to handle this.
  7. Pay attention to your date: Whether it’s a friend, family member, or romantic interest, don’t ignore them. You can dance with someone else, but don’t flirt with other guests if you brought a “date date,” and don’t run off without notice even if your date is your cousin.
  8. Introduce your date: Make them feel included, introduce them to other guests or the wedding party, help them get to know others, and make sure they know they’re welcome to the party.


  1. Don’t overdo anything: Do not drink too much, do not over eat (causing laziness or lethargy), do not make huge shows of affection towards your date, and just be a good guest. You don’t need to draw attention to yourselves on someone else’s wedding day!
  2. Be polite: Have manners, show your date a good time, and be a gentleman! Don’t let your date get lost, feel alone, over drink, get upset, or feel as if they’re not having fun.

Whatever you do at a wedding this summer, talk to Rose Tuxedo for all of your suit and tuxedo needs. And keep checking back for survival guides, fashion tips, and more!

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Excuses to Wear a Suit This May

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Who doesn’t want to duplicate this photo?

Ok, everyone. It’s May. Stop with the Justin Timberlake “It’s Gonna Be May” jokes because May is here! We’re in the later part of Spring so let’s get those bodies looking great in a suit. If you’ve recently purchased a suit from us of you want to see how you look in a suit it’s the perfect time to take those out for a spin and show the world what you’ve got!

The new Star Wars movie is coming out this year so you may want to celebrate “Star Wars Day” with a screening party of all the older movies to catch up before the December release of the new one. “May the 4th be with you” is a great play on words and an excuse to show your inner sci-fi nerd. Throw a party and pop on a suit with a Star Wars themed tie or accessory and be the host with the most. Bonus points for carrying the party on to “Revenge of the Fifth.”

Cinco de Mayo is Tuesday! There should still be some time to get a suit renal or purchase to throw a classy soiree for this awesome holiday instead of just throwing on a sombrero and breaking out the tequila. Put on a suit and greet your friends and family. When the older crowd leaves you can remove the suit and throw on those cutoff shorts and bring out the Corona! Class it up for a bit, at least. Do something different!

Mother’s Day is next Sunday! As we’ve discussed recently you could really impress your mom this Mother’s Day by looking amazing and taking her out to dinner or having some new pictures taken! There’s still plenty of time to rent or purchase a suit to make Momma proud!

There’s a few military and memorial based holidays this month: VE Day (Victory in Europe) on the 8th, Armed Forces Day on the 16th, and Memorial Day on the 25th. So throw an awesome party to celebrate those who have fought for this country. Take a veteran out to a nice dinner, invite friends and family by to share stories, eat some good food, and enjoy the day. Dress up a little to show some respect, check out the local memorials around town and thank a veteran for their services—they’ll appreciate it. Once you’re done being respectful you can pull out the grill and cook some burgers and steaks in whatever you please—but a suit wouldn’t hurt if you take this opportunity to check out a nice restaurant or memorial service.

Whether you’re Canadian or not you can also celebrate Victoria Day to honor Queen Victoria. Throw on a suit and bring over some friends to watch some old documentaries and talk like royalty for the evening. It’ll be fun!

May is also a great time for Proms, Weddings, and other fancy events, so don’t forget to rent your suits and tuxedos from Rose Tuxedo, even if it’s short notice we should be able to help you!


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