During the heat of summer, it’s important to let loose sometimes and step out into nature and enjoy its breathtaking wonders. And one way to do that is going on a .

Get out of the Arizona heat for a few days and recharge before the busy seasons between work and family activities and school come back. Before you go on that , remember that Rose is here for all of your men’s formal wear rentals and purchasing. Today we’ll talk about a few different types of types and why you may want to take some formal wear!

Rent your Tuxedo before you board!

Rent your before you board!

#1 Couples Cruises

Take your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, or spouse for a romantic getaway where neither of you have to cook or clean. And you can sit around doing nothing in the open sea air or you can partake in some of the amazing cruise line activities many of these lines offer. Such as surfing, SCUBA diving, shuffleboard, dance classes, movie nights, and more. Take some formal wear for those fancy dinners with the captain or any banquets and dances the cruise line may offer. Besides, who doesn’t want to see their man in a suit at dinner once in a while?

#2 Family Cruises

Use this opportunity to get