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How to get the Groom Excited about Wedding Planning

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It is common to find the bride taking over the entire wedding preparation. The groom just thinks about his tuxedo and his best man in most cases. Even if this is the common occurrence in wedding planning , it doesn’t always mean that the groom is uninterested. There are some areas of the wedding in which he is secretly excited about. By knowing what these areas are, brides can have their fiance join in on the wedding planning .

Light grey tuxedo

The groom is keen about the preparations and looks forward to the following:


While he may not express the same concern on your decision between buttercream vs. fondant, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in the cake. As a matter of fact, he will enjoy the cake testing part of the wedding planning as he will get to try out the cake too. Once he has tried the options, he will be able to give his consent on which one tasted better for him.

Getaway Car

Considering that most guys are into cars, the decision of picking out a bridal car will be something that he would want to be involved in. He will have an idea of which car he would like to use for your wedding day so make sure you listen to his opinion.


If your fiancé loves music, he will be interested in sharing his playlist selection. Make sure you allow him to choose the songs that he would like to be played during the reception. This way, he can dance along to the song that he likes listening to best.


Another area of your wedding planning that your fiancé can help out with is the honeymoon. Without you knowing it, he may already be thinking of ways he can surprise you during your out of town trip. This is why you should let him be involved in the planning of your honeymoon.

Groom’s Tuxedo

Just like you, your groom will want to look his best during your wedding day. Oh well, who doesn’t? This is why he will take into consideration the look of his tuxedo and how well it will fit him. After all, it’s his wedding day too!

If you’re on the lookout for a tuxedo rental for your fiancé, feel free to visit our collection on options he can choose from! We can help him dress up nicely for the most important events in his life.

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Rent Tuxedos at the Best Prices in Phoenix

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Renting a tuxedo for your special occasions and weddings should be the least of your worries. Why? Because Rose Tuxedos has taken care of it. The best way. 

Planning for your wedding can be overwhelming. There are tons of arrangements to make, and backup arrangements too to make sure nothing goes wrong. This can result in your to-do list looking endless and challenging at the exact same time. Therefore, one of the last things you would want to worry about is the tuxedo that you are going to wear for the big day. Rose Tuxedos is the most reliable tuxedo rental company in the Phoenix valley that makes sure all you have to do is dress up and show up.

Why You Should Rent a Tuxedo

While some grooms may choose to purchase their own tuxedo, many choose to rent one instead. While purchasing a tuxedo may be ideal because you can use it again in the future, is also very expensive. Therefore, if you do not think that you will ever have another time where you will need to wear a tuxedo then it is a waste of money to buy one. In addition, if you are on a tight budget, renting a tuxedo will be a much more affordable option for you. A cheap tuxedo rental doesn’t mean a bad tuxedo.

Look how good they look? Cheap can still be awesome

Is Tuxedo Rental Expensive?

Many people may think that finding affordable tuxedo rentals will be difficult. However, that is not true at all. We make it easy for you to find the tuxedo that you want or need to rent at an affordable price. No matter what your budget is, we have a tuxedo available that you can afford. You will not have to worry about going over your budget and spending more than you have or more than you want to spend. You won’t need to go to a place like Men’s Wearhouse that charges high prices to offset their advertising costs and huge building cost. We advertise at bridal shows and on the internet so that we can keep our prices very low for our customers and after 30 years in the Tuxedo rental business in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona we get lots of referrals.

Why pay more for the same tuxedo rental?

Find the Style and Color You Want

Some people are looking for a particular style of tuxedo. For example, you may want a coat and tails tuxedo. We carry a variety of tuxedo styles for you to choose from. Are you looking for a particular color of tuxedo? Perhaps you want a color other than black. With tuxedos available in grey, white, and other colors. We also carry a wide variety of colors for bow ties and cummerbunds and most popular men’s formal vest.

Rose Tuxedo has 3 locations in the valley to serve you. That way you can choose a location that is convenient to you so that you do not have to drive a long way to rent your tuxedo. In addition, we can provide last minute rentals if you need one on short notice or have forgotten to order one in advance. We are here to help you find just the right tuxedo for your wedding or other formal event. Contact us today to schedule your affordable tuxedo rentals and fitting! Give us a call now for your next tuxedo rental discount. Call Rose Tuxedos now.

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Best man in search of bridesmaid – how to meet your SO at a wedding!

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Summer weddings are great if you have a date and have nothing to do with actually organizing the event. Otherwise, you might end up at the singles table, being forced to repeatedly dance with the bride’s 8 year old cousin, because she’s all cute and everything. However, the fact that you do not have a date to a wedding, might actually be in your advantage. Acfter all, you might end up meeting someone there. Here are a few tips on how to turn such an event from a failure to a great hit.


You need to look good

The first thing you need to do at any wedding is to make sure that you look absolutely great. Get yourself a haircut, make sure that your tie or bowtie look amazing, make sure that you get a perfectly fitting tuxedo or suit from Rose Tuxedo, make sure that you have the right accessories and so on. If you have no experience with these things and with getting ready for a wedding, you should know that Rose Tuxedo has a professional tailor on site who can definitely help you out in making the tough decisions. In other words, all you need to do is make sure that you are decent looking otherwise and that you smell great, because that is always something that girls appreciate.

Charcol Grey

You need to know your audience

Anyways, now that you have everything set and you look sharp, it is time to properly assess the situation. This means that the first half an hour or even an hour you need to spend it figuring out who is single and who is not. Of course, you should also check out your competition to see what you are dealing with. Once you have determined and singled out the singles, all you need to do is mingle. Make sure to be sociable and to talk to everyone. You can make compliments, but not too many. The key here is to show moderate interest, not to overwhelm everyone with your attention.

You need to be patinet

One other thing that you probably already knew, but should keep in mind is the fact that everyone reacts in a positive way when they meet someone who is a good listener. You can ask questions, but not too personal ones and make sure that you find out her name and who she is friends with: the bride or the groom. The key here is not necessarily for you to start being a couple right away. You can definitely play it cool now, when you first meet, just to surprise her with a call a couple of days later.  Your chances will exponentially grow if you give her some time to figure you out and to figure out how she feels about you.

That being said, good luck with finding the perfect girl, and don’t forget to come by Rose Tuxedo to get the perfect suit or tuxedo for the wedding.

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The perfect wedding on a budget

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If you have already decided to tie the knot, but you still have some financial details to work through before you even want to start thinking about planning a wedding then you should know that organizing a wedding is completely possible even within a reasonable budget. Of course, there are a lot fo things you need except from a wedding tuxedo and a wedding dress, but nothing is impossible! So instead of stalling and postponing this celebration, you might want to check our list of things that could make your life easier when planning your wedding.


Of course, we all want the perfect wedding that seems to have come out of a fairytale. The fact that you are working around a budget does not necessarily mean that you have to give up on that dream, lose the wedding dress or the wedding tuxedo. So the first thing you need to do is imagine how you want the wedding to look like. Have a serious discussion with your partner so that you make sure you are both on the same page, and then start making the plan and writing things down.

The first thing you can let go and that is definitely not crucial in a wedding is a wedding planner. If you two have the time and the patience to deal with everything then that is exactly what you should do. This way, you even have better control over how much you spend and on what exactly you are spending it. However, unless you plan on having a really small wedding, you might want to still hire a caterer and a couple of waiters.


Now that the wedding planner is out of the picture, in order to save even more money, you should look into renting all the tuxedos and dresses. This is the perfect solution especially if you are not the nostalgic type who wishes to cling to physical memories over the years. After all both the wedding dress and the wedding tuxedo should only be worn once in a lifetime and it would be a shame if you ended up spending a fortune on them. And since we are on this subject, you should know that Rose Tuxedo is the best company that can help you out in this matter. Our prices are low, are suits and wedding tuxedos are absolutely amazing and they come in all styles and sizes. More than that, we can also provide you with the perfect accessories that go with your outfit and we also have a professional tailor on site who can help you out with a piece of advice regarding your attire.

One other thing you could save money on would be the decorations. If you have already envisioned your perfect wedding, then you already know how the decorations look and there should be nothing stopping you from manufacturing them yourselves. Get the bridesmaids to help you out and make a fun night out of it!

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Tuxedo Style in Kanye West Wedding

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Tuxedo Style in Kanye West Wedding

You’ve probably seen some photos from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s recent wedding. While much of the focus is on what the bride wore, we can’t help looking at what the groom wore!

The couple had a two-day celebration that included plenty of wardrobe changes. For Kanye, this included multiple tuxedos and suits. One notable choice was the shirtless look he wore alongside Kim’s white women’s tux at their pre-wedding party at Versailles.

Tuxedo Kanye West

Here, Kanye wore a satin-lapelled cream tuxedo, which he paired with white shoes. This helped him stand out from the crowd as much as his wife-to-be did!

For the wedding itself, Kanye stuck with a more traditional choice. He wore a black tuxedo and bow tie, allowing Kim’s designer gown to shine as the center of attention. Of course, any groom looks great in a classic black tuxedo!

Arizona grooms can take a lesson from Kanye West. as more photos are made public, we’re sure the musician will be an inspiration for many grooms looking for a style for their wedding days.

If you are looking for the perfect tuxedo for your Arizona wedding, get in touch today!

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