10 Tuxedo Halloween Costumes That Will Knock ‘Em Dead

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A traditional black tuxedo isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Halloween costumes, is it? That’ a stroke in your favor as, with enough creativity, resourcefulness, and work, you’re likely to have a truly unique costume among your peers (such prestige will be good for only a year after, though; your envious friends will crowd the idea).

But the idea is not that finite. Possessing surprising versatility obvious to those with creativity and vision, there is an abundance of designs (or fictional characters’ wardrobes, if you want to get technical) that embody the spirit of Halloween – and make you look good wearing them! Whether you want to dress as a fictional character or an idea (yes, that’ possible), or if you’re more into funny costumes, these tuxedo-inspired looks are sure to win first prize on Halloween night!

1. James Bond – The Villain on the Good Side

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He’ been tricked out in and black ties in so many of his movies that it’s easy to forget that Bond’s signature look is, well, a little villainous. There are plenty of ways to pay homage to 007 while using your own sense of style – you don’t have to choose a traditional tuxedo. Instead, try pairing up an elegant tuxedo jacket with a pair of dark jeans or dress pants for an outfit that doesn’t scream costume party. A pair of leather shoes will make you feel like you stepped off screen and into real life as James Bond himself!

You can also go with something more subtle by wearing a simple bow tie with your everyday clothes. It might not be flashy but it will still make people think about how much classier you looked than everyone else at whatever event you attend!

2. Business Devil

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If you’re looking for something simple, throw on a pair of black pants and a white shirt. Paint your face red and put on your horn-rimmed glasses. You’re now ready to take over the world! Or at least get people into business meetings.

3. Dracula’s Got Your Number



The classic vampire look is a fun costume idea, but with a few alterations it can become a whole new character. Dracula’s attire usually comprises a long coat, gloves and cape – so try the Dracula look by incorporating tuxedo elements: add suspenders to your pants and use waistcoat buttons to fasten the coat over your chest. Wear a pair of black leather gloves (remember to remove your watch) and top off your costume with shiny shoes. If you have access to a full-length mirror, check out how dapper you look!

4. Bad Boy

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This is not the only look where black actually looks great, but the color is most vital here. Simply pair a black suit with leather gloves, sunglasses, and an attitude problem – you’ll be guaranteed to get plenty of candy!

5. Edward Scissorhands


This costume is especially fun to pull off if you have long hair. All you need is a plaid shirt, some red lipstick, eyeshadow, and a pair or two of scissors (to carry around, not to chop off your hair – although you can do that too if you’re an extremist) to complete the transformation from regular Joe to creepy man-child living in suburbia!

6. John Wick – The Bogeyman’s Bogeyman

John Wick Costume | Carbon Costume | DIY Dress-Up Guides for Cosplay & Halloween


While not exactly a secret agent, John Wick’s signature look is a bold and iconic one that’s sure to turn heads at whatever party you step into. With a simple wardrobe of a tuxedo, white shirt, black pants, and leather shoes, someone might mistake you for James Bond. So, set yourself apart by adopting a five o’clock shadow (if you’re fortunate enough to grow a beard) and sticking a pencil or two in your breast pocket. Only the philistines won’t know you mean business, then.

7. Men In Black, Because Why Not?

Men in Black Costume | Carbon Costume | DIY Dress-Up Guides for Cosplay & Halloween


They practically invented the whole sci-fi tuxedoed-superhero shtick, so they deserve a nod for their style too. Stick to the classic look of a black tuxedo over a white shirt and black pants and you’re good to go. To top off the look, you could tote around a pair of black sunglasses and a pen flash like the badasses you’re pretending to be.

8. The Most Interesting Man in the World

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An outrageous yet hilarious character, The Most Interesting Man in the World is an easy one to emulate for halloween this year. You can use any kind of tuxedo for this role, but remember to leave the collar and a top button or two unbuttoned. If you’ve got a cigar, well, hat’s off to you. You can wear the role like a champ.

You can even look up a few of his signature quotes online and begin practicing them sometime before Halloween proper. That way, you’ll have them under your belt when the night finally rolls around.

9. Slenderman

Adult Slenderman Skin Suit Costume - Spirithalloween.com


The Slenderman costume is always a hit at any Halloween party. Easy and inexpensive (the perfect qualities for a one-day affair, weddings excluded) to make or buy, it merely consists of a black suit and a tie. You can choose to either buy the mask from Amazon or, if you’ve got the skills, make your own. 

10. Charlie Chaplin

Halloween Costumes from Your Closet: Charlie Chaplin | Carnaval


Now here’s a character you want to rep on Halloween at least once. Only the cavemen (and our kids) have never heard of Charlie Chaplin, so you don’t need to worry about recognition. Anyone else would know who you’re there as once you step in the room, and with a simple wardrobe of a suit jacket (a  size too small should do the trick), a pair of black trousers (that are a size or two too big) and a bowler hat. If you can get your hands on a fake mustache (or groom your real one) – you can find something on Amazon – that’ll help you rock the costume even better.


We may have provided quite a few ideas, but we barely scratch the surface of options available if you decide to go with the tuxedo look this Halloween. Feel free to mix and match with different variations to create your very own, truly unique and memorable costume. Best of luck, and have a pleasantly scary halloween.

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