Miuccia Prada said: “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contact is so quick. Fashion is instant language.” What to wear to look your very best is beyond impressing people. But when you dress, you communicate a lot of things about yourself- your confidence, personality, your identity, and a lot more. It becomes your language and tells a wordless story about you. And that’s why knowing what to wear on different occasions is a crucial factor in your social life. 

Looking your absolute best is a drug-free boost for your self-esteem. Your dress code can paint a super exciting or super lame picture of your overall appearance. When you dress in a certain way, you subconsciously experience a mental shift or behavioral changes in rhythm to your dress code. 

You can make your day more exciting or fun with your choice of what to wear. 

In this article, we will reveal to you what you can wear for wedding occasions to look your very best and to boost your confidence.

Let’s get started!

For Wedding Occasions

As soon as you receive a wedding invitation and save the date, the next thought that unconsciously comes to your head is what you are to wear for the wedding. You wouldn’t want to underdress — because that might attract people looking down on you. And you wouldn’t want to overdress- it is rude to do so.

You have to remain in the thin spot of being in between overdressing and underdressing. So, what kind of dress code should fall between this boundary? The answer depends on the type of wedding you are invited to. But for all weddings, a suit or a tuxedo is appropriate for men, and a gown for women. 

But what color shouldn’t you go for? And what color is just the best? Let’s take a deep dive into the different types of wedding occasion.

1. Garden wedding

This type of wedding shouldn’t give you a headache to select your color. You can go with a different variety of colors for a garden wedding. Any color you can find in a garden will be a perfect color to wear. You can go for a dreamy green lapel suite or a light blue suite for an exciting look. If you are also going on a date, you can add a tie that brings out the color of her outfit.

2. Beach wedding

In a beach or oceanic wedding, you have a variety of styles and colors to play around with. But we advise you to go for warm and earthy colors like- black, white, brown, tan, beige, taupe, gray and cream. As it will just match the environment. Try as much as possible not to go for obvious colors. Since you are going to be settled on sand, we also advise you to go for comfortable outfits that will let you move and dance around the sand with ease.

3. Black tie wedding

When a wedding invitation says “