3 Most Common Mistakes Grooms Make (How to Avoid Them)

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A lot of time and attention is given to planning the perfect wedding. There are a lot of details to take care of. Things like the wedding dress, the bridesmaid’ dresses, the cake, the colors for the day, the wedding venue, and the groom’ suit. You’ll notice the female details were listed first. Yes, that was intentional. It’ the bride’s wedding. I mean, both of you are getting married, but it’s her wedding.

No matter how carefully you plan a wedding, some things might go wrong. Her flowers may arrive late or may not even be delivered at all. The groom’s name may be misspelled, a tier may be missing. These things happen and it may be the fault of the delivery agencies. If it’s a third party’s fault, your sweet bride may not yet turn into a bridezilla, just yet.


Now, if it’s the fault of the groom, you will unleash the bridezilla in her, and she’ll scream at you without feeling guilty. I’m sure you do not want to incur the wrath of your bride. These are the major mistakes you should avoid. This is coming from a bride that had to excuse herself from her reception party to scream at her groom.

1. Last Minute Rush

You didn’t just get an invite to your wedding last week. You did the proposal, I’m sure you know when the planning started. Your bride and her friends have been tirelessly planning for this wedding, so you shouldn’t neglect the few things she has entrusted to your care. Please don’t leave them till the week of the wedding.

I had to deal with my groom not having his wedding suit for two days before the wedding. “No James, all-black suits are not the same! Why would you even think like that”. That happened when my husband hadn’t received his tux and he wanted to wear his old suit for the wedding. The horror!

Get your wedding suits at least two weeks before the wedding. If you don’t, you may have to deal with the wrong color, wrong size, mismatched pieces even missing pieces at the last minute. Then watch your bride evolve into a dragon spitting fire. You’ll get burned. If you don’t want that, get your suit or tux 2 weeks in advance.

2. Not Showing Enough Interest in the Planning

Yes, we know it’s her day, but she wants to see you show an interest. So, pretend if you must. Ask about the colors for the day, her bridesmaid’s dresses, and talk about the general theme for the wedding and the venue. Go with her for wine and cake tasting and card design.

Both of you should decide things like the honeymoon, the general style of the wedding, and your suit. Be with her as much as you can. Planning a wedding can be frustrating sometimes because of the pressure that comes with getting it right on the first try. So always reassure her, it’ll really help. She’ll be grateful and it is difficult to yell at someone you feel gratitude towards.

3. Cake in Face

Cakes go in the mouth, not the face. We’re not asking you not to goof around with your bride. We’re just asking you to think of the consequences. During my wedding, I talked about this with my husband-to-be. No cakes on my face, certainly not. I spent a lot of money on my makeup and I’m not about to wash it off with some icing. I don’t know her, but if she’s spending money on her makeup, the cake on the face is off-limits.

In fact, avoid anything that’ll make her makeup run before bedtime. It could be arguing with her, cake on your face, or her getting news of your behavior with those girls at the bachelor’s party last night. Avoid all tear triggers.

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