For men, there is nothing more formal or elegant than a well-made and well-fitting tuxedo. Whether it’s for the prom, a formal event, a wedding, or any other decorous ritual, the complex stitching and precise manufacture of the tuxedo stand out as the last word in male attire. Tuxedo rental phoenix prices at the Big Box stores can be very scary.

Why pay more?

It’s the same tuxedo you can get for rent at a local tuxedo shop with awesome service and products.

However, the complex and precise nature of the tuxedo comes at a cost, quite literally! Unless you are a high-powered lawyer or a wealthy businessman, the tuxedo will almost certainly be the most expensive outfit you hang on your body in any given year.

Statement Suits

With a decent ensemble starting in the mid-400 dollar range and skyrocketing from there, affordable tuxedos can be hard to find. Furthermore, as stunning as a tuxedo can be, there are very few situations when such formal dress is expected or appropriate.

Add to that the danger that a bit of weight gained or lost could render your investment valueless, and suddenly that shiny suit is looking more like a boat anchor than a rainmaker.

So, what can one do when faced with extremely high prices for something that gets very little use? In a word, rent! Tuxedos may cost an arm and a leg, but donning someone else’s duds for a day can be the answer for men without a full calendar of formal events.

The question now is how much do you pay to rent? Many locations will rent you a good outfit, but getting a good outfit is not the same as getting a good deal. Tuxedo rental Phoenix prices don’t have to be scary.

Embrace the Little Details

Take Men’s Warehouse for example. One might assume that being a clothing supplier, they would be in a prime position to offer competitive rates, however, a look through their website tells a different story. After adding in all the necess