How To Be the Best Groom!

Table of Contents

  1. Planning: Be involved, but be prepared for ideas to be shot down. Consider her wants (needs) for the wedding. Chances are, she’s been planning this since she was 6, so let her have the final say. Hold back on your desire for a beer keg, ice sculpture of the Bat Symbol, or suggesting sports team colors.
  2. Choose battles wisely: If you have an idea that you desperately want to come true in your wedding, tell her how important it is to you and maybe you’ll get your way. On the flip side, if she wants something you don’t want in the wedding it’s your job to speak out. It’s your wedding, too.
  3. Attire: If your bride-to-be wants you and your groomsmen to wear cummerbunds it wont kill you to wear them. It’s one night and surely she wants to see you at your best. She has spent hours looking for the perfect dress so wearing something you’re not a fan of won’t kill you. Chances are, you will look better in the full tux than you ever have in your life, so give it a chance.
  4. Choosing a tux/ place: Suggest Rose Tuxedo . We’ll guarantee you love your service and  selection of and tuxedos .
  5. Posture and attitude: Make sure you are standing up straight and poised for your wedding. Do not slouch, do not high five your friends when she walks down the aisle, and do not act like a wild animal when you kiss your bride at the altar.
    Act like the gentleman your woman deserves. You can act like a fool another time.
  6. Enjoy yourself: After helping with the plans and worrying over details, let the wedding happen and enjoy the best day of your life and cherish the memories. Spend the party with your new bride, but also make sure to mingle with friends and family. Share this moment with those around you. Don’t hide in a corner with your bride or your groomsmen .
  7. On Worrying: You’ll probably have cold feet but remember something. This is the woman you want to spend your life with, the woman you planned this with. Grooms get nervous all the time and your groomsmen will help you through this.
  8. Saving Money: Shop around, look for bargains, ask friends and family for assistance (baking cakes, making decorations, etc).
  9. Spontaneity: At some point during the wedding or reception, do something to surprise your bride and guests. Plan something with your groomsmen (and maybe even the bridesmaids) like a choreographed dance, an announcement, a story shared with the party, or a small token of your love to her.
  10. Breathe: When you first see your bride walk down the aisle you may fall short of breath. In a less literal sense, be in the moment, relax, and let things happen. All your planning means there will be people to worry about details so you and your bride wont have to. This is your night, so just breathe.


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