Whatever formal event you may be going to it is not always easy to find the right tux for you which is why we will go over the different types & discuss the pros & cons of each one.

Tall and thin

So the first body type is known as tall & thin. If you fit the bill, you can wear pretty much any style you want but most usually go with the classic. This is often a two button jacket that has a notched collar but you can also add more buttons to it if you want. You can also opt for shoulder padding if you want to make your shoulders look a bit broader. But if you already have a lot of muscles, you do not need to have these.

It is often recommended you rent a tux in lieu of buying it due to the fact that you will only use it once or twice. As for the pants, you can go with either flat pants or pleated trousers. Either one can be a good look for you but the flat pants tend to be a bit more modern than the others. They do recommend you have a waist snap so you can adjust it as you see fit.

This enables you to tighten your waist buckle so that your pants don’t fall down during the event. Then, you have tall & muscular for which we could recommend a one button jacket to make your waist appear thinner as well as a thin lapel. You should also strive for a shawl collar & a contemporary style to make you look handsome & lean. As for the pants, you should go with narrow leg trousers & if they start to spread out a bit, this is how you know they are too tight on you. We also advise you go with a vest in lieu of a