Halloween Tuxedo Costume Ideas

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Halloween Tuxedo Costume Ideas 2018
With Halloween around the corner, there hasn’t been much time with the hustle and bustle of everyday life to consider your costume. The older we get, the more we seem to lose the love for Halloween, and maybe we come to think of it as becoming childish to celebrate the holiday. It doesn’t have to go to this!
Halloween can be sophisticated, and fun for adults as well. This Halloween, why not try incorporating a tuxedo for Halloween costume fun. There are so many characters that can be played using a tuxedo for Halloween, the list could go on forever, but to keep it simple here are a few trending ideas that can get you center stage at any Halloween event. The best Wedding Tuxedo or Halloween outfit is the one you like.

Halloween ideas
Halloween ideas

Top 5 Tuxedo Halloween Costume ideas for Men

1. Corporate Zombie: Everyone knows a long days work can lead to a living dead corpse at the end of the day! In so many zombie apocalypse movies, we’ve all seen the zombie who has on an expensive suit and watches. Put on a suit and some bloody make-up, to create a corporate zombie costume that would make any walking dead fan proud. Fall Wedding Tuxedos can be so fun over Halloween.
2. James Bond: The Classic James Bond Halloween costume will never die. Break out your most excellent suit, tie, and shoes, and elegantly place make-shift gadgets in hidden places about your tuxedo. Don’t forget the martini glass and a beautiful woman on your arm.

James Bond
James Bond

3. Vampire: Vampires have always been a Halloween favorite. Grab some faux blood from the store and fangs, paired with a sophisticated suit to create your Vampire costume to die for you. Also, don’t forget to apply some powder to create a living dead look, and look good doing it in a tuxedo.
4. Hollywood Celebrities: Create a red carpet look by pairing your tuxedo with the style of the many characters of Hollywood. You could be some of the best-dressed celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Steve Harvey, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, etc. Or Celebrity characters like Keanu Reeves playing Neo from the matrix, or even Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus.

Top 5 Tuxedo Halloween Costume ideas for Women

1. Playboy Bunny – Matching a tuxedo with sheer stockings, and pairing it with some bunny ears has always been a favorite for those with the courage to wear such a high demand sexy outfit. Matching a tuxedo top, with some high heels, stockings, accessories, can become an exciting, sexy costume to win any Halloween costume contest.

Lady Tuxedo
Lady Formal Wear Halloween

2. Vampiress Mistress– For the more strong-willed woman, a tuxedo, white face paint (or make-up), and a little blood can go a long way in achieving a flawless and realistic feminine vampire look. Don’t forget to show a little skin for a temptation-filled costume to die for. This look is wonderfully portrayed in a group of vampires, have some friends come along as new fledgling vampires for a more dramatic effect.
3. Female Celebrities – Many female celebrities have been sporting tuxedos and suits on their public debuts showing that a woman can look just as good as a man in a suit, and do just as good of a job. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Knowles, Zendaya, Ellen, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson and so many more have sported fabulous designer suits and tuxedos in public. Take your pick of the many images online of celebrity women in suits, and reinvent their looks for Halloween, there are so many breathtaking styles to chose from these amazing women. Tuxedos for Weddings on Halloween also a great time.
4. Show Girl – Pair your tuxedo coat and bow with a cane top hat and corsets to give them a show! Many Vegas shows have performers who sport tuxedos in their acts, looking sexy, sophisticated, and bossy in high heels. Rental Tuxedos at Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix Arizona.

Halloween Tux

5. Female Business Tycoon – Become a boss for Halloween and dress for success. All you need for this look is a tuxedo, fashion jewelry, and anything else luxurious you can find around the house. Make it a dual costume, and find a friend to dress as your personal assistant, and get Halloween done mogul style.


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