Hispanic Weddings: Customs that bond Hearts for Life

Some say that life is a great slide where we experience broad feelings and emotions. Others refer to it as a passage of experiences with many ups and downs.

However, within both point of views, something very particularly known as the wedding stage or marriage is inserted. Apart from being legal, this is normally a ceremony where the emotional bond between the two lovers is formalized.

But… What really is a Wedding?

Are there special customs at weddings that vary according to one’s origin and customs? The truth is that a wedding is nothing more than a religious or civil ceremony by which the beginning of a marriage is celebrated, which under certain regulations or laws, will govern the life of the young or not so young couple for their future days. 


Weddings can be of many types. But a very special one is the Hispanic type because they are characterized by wide creativity of customs, and by an immense ingenuity to entertain guests of all ages, making the moment an almost unforgettable episode. 

The Hispanic weddings are those performed within the customs of the Spanish-speaking world, that is corresponding to the customs of Latin American nations, of Spain, and all those who have mainly Spanish as their mother tongue.

In these events, you can find eccentricities such as the use of coins under the shoes of the bride, through the lighting of candles, up to the use of pins! Yes, you read right.

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If creativity exists, there is no doubt that you will find it in Hispanic weddings, these events shine by the predominance of the human mind and the beliefs of generations, one of them are the so-called coins, a tradition that is of great predominance among the Hispanic people. One example is so-called Colombia, this custom or tradition is that the bride places a coin in her shoe as a symbol of the prosperity waiting for your future life.

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