You just got an official mail. You are invited to a black-tie event this winter. And you are not sure about what to wear and how to dress. Dressing for a black-tie event in winter can be incredibly simple and should never be an intimidating task. 

Black tie is the one bastion of classic men’s wear where the rules are so perfect there is no need to break them. A man looks his best whenever he is perfectly dressed in a black tie .

We put together some rules to help you stand out in a black-tie event during winter.

Let’s get started!

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Black tie Rules you Need to Follow

By simply following the fundamental rules, you can always dress with confidence knowing that you’re going to look great regardless of what formal situation you find yourself in. 

The best-dressed man in a black tie is a man following the rules. 

Case in point:

1. Match fabrics

Make sure the fabric of your lapel matches the fabric of your bow tie. 

2. No clip-on bow ties

Don’t wear a clip-on bow tie. It looks tacky, cheap, and looks too perfect. One of the more interesting things I found in the world of men’s style is that when things look too perfect, they just look wrong.

3. Make sure you’re wearing a cummerbund

Details matter. It says a lot about you if you pay attention to them, especially when we are talking about a very prescriptive dress code.

4. Do not wear a regular suit with a bow tie

If you don’t have a tux, you don’t have a tux. A suit with a bow tie is not a substitute for a tuxedo, you will be completely out of place.

5. Don’t be creative

Unless the invitation clearly says creativ