When NOT to Wear A Suit

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We all know that men look better in suits , right? Well, as true as that may be there is a time and a place for everything. There is a long list of times when a suit or tux is the perfect call, but there are times when it will make you look crazy, stuck up, or just awkward. Today we’ll talk about when you shouldn’t wear your best gear and how you can still look your best without sticking out like a sore, awkward thumb.

  1. Kid Birthday Parties: Unless you’re the magician hired by the parents, do not show up to your nephews birthday party in a (or a suit). You may be wanting to impress the single mom on your block or the sister of your best friend’s wife, but just don’t. You are likely to end up with vanilla icing or chocolate icecream on your tie, jacket, or shirt. If you don’t do it to yourself, surely a child will mess up your attire for you. This rule is especially true if you are expected to hold an infant. Solution: Opt for a nice sweater with a collared shirt if you’re aiming to impress or if you just can’t see yourself in shorts and a t-shirt.
  2. Outdoor functions: Be it a family reunion, birthday party, or any number of outdoor celebrations, you do not want to be the guy who shows up in a suit. Someone will get drunk and spill something on you, a child will hug you with grimy BBQ sauce hands, or you will be looked at like a crazy person. You are also likely to get hot and uncomfortable and look like a boring stiff while your suit soaks up the smell of charcoal and burnt burgers. Solution: If it’s summer time, go for khaki shorts and a comfortable polo shirt with low socks and clean and comfortable sneakers. You’ll still look great and be much more comfortable and fit in.
  3. Concerts and Festivals: Anything that is “standing room only,” it might be wise to avoid a suit. No matter how hard you’re trying to impress your date it will be better off to dress more casual. Rowdy concerts and big festivals can be fantastic dates, but not if you’re worried about a drunk spilling beer on you or a mosh pit crew scuffing your shoes. In fact, don’t wear anything you care about to a standing-room only concert or any type of music festival. Solution: Go for comfortable and casual, pair a button-up shirt with a graphic-T and some dark wash jeans. Alternatively, don’t care at all because even if you’re going with a hot date the focus can be taken away from your clothes and to the fantastic performances all around you.
  4. Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks: Unless you’re in some sort of Bachelor Auction or an invitation-only event at a theme park, never wear something fancy to these places. If you’re going old-school and take your girl to the County Fair, don’t stress too much about looking like the suave debonair man you are. Win her a stuffed animal and don’t dress like a hick and you’ll be fine. The smell of livestock will never leave your clothes without extensive dry cleaning and you can’t go to a fair without checking out the rodeo! As far as theme parks go, just dress comfortable. You aren’t there to impress anyone, you’re there to ride roller coasters until you almost puke—just don’t puke in front of your date. Solution: Short-sleeved button-down shirts with a thin shirt underneath, shorts without holes, tears, and that aren’t cut-off. No overalls. No fanny packs (rule for life). Casual, comfortable, and clean sneakers. Do not dress like a dad and you’ll be fine.
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