Importance of Looking Amazing on Valentine’s Day

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Women love Valentine’ Day! Not only because often times men will shower them with gifts of chocolate, cards, jewelry, and teddy bears, but because going out to a nice restaurant means they get to see their man looking amazing. Men often take a little extra time to ensure they look good on Valentine’ Day—with good reason. Today we’ll talk a little about why it’ important to look amazing on this February 14th. We’re not saying you should rent a suit for every Valentine’s Day occasion, but consider how great you’ll look and if you’re going somewhere fancy, you might as well look the part.

First Valentine’s Day Together: The first February 14th you and your girl experience is important. Not only should you show her what you’re capable of, but you should show her why she should stick around for another Valentine’s Day instead of moving on to another guy. Show her you’re capable of looking amazing, but in a way that shows you genuinely care about your appearance whereas other guys may not. Don’t make all men look bad, but make other men jealous of how amazing the two of you look together. Dress for the occasion. A suit jacket or vest can pair with many other items in your wardrobe, so don’t feel pressured to wear a suit to the Olive Garden, but don’t just go in jeans and a t-shirt.

First Valentine’s Day After Engagement: Here’s where you remind her why she said “yes.” Regardless of the status of the wedding plans, go the extra mile by taking her somewhere that requires a jacket and put on a nice suit (save the tux for the wedding). Show her how well you clean up so she’ll be even more excited to see you when she walks down the aisle.

First Valentine’s Day After Marriage: Remind her why she said “ Do,” by doing something sweet. No huge gestures, no major purchases, but take her somewhere quiet and romantic. Wear something nice, even if it’s not a suit. At least wear some slacks and consider some of the tips from our piecing out a suit blog. She’s seen you in a full tux recently and you won’t be able to top that, so don’t fret about what you wear; focus on what you do the most.

All Valentine’s Days After That: Always try to make her feel special, even if it’s a small surprise, romantic dinner, outings, or anything that reminds her how much you love her. Don’t go all out every year, space it out. Keep her guessing about big presents or fancy dinners, but keep the romance alive. Wear a suit if you want, but keep it appropriate to the occasion. Consider taking her back to locations of Valentine’s Days Past to remind her of how thoughtful you’ve continuously been year after year and how good you looked doing it.

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