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It’s finally here, the day you have thought about since you were a little girl; your dream wedding. You know you had those dreams about your Prince Charming coming in and sweeping you off your feet, and the two of you living happily ever after. Before you can live your “happily ever after” though, you will have a lot of planning to do. From the time of year you want to get married to where you will have the honeymoon, and secretly, that’s all your prince really cares about anyway. Some great to help you.


Once you decide what time of the year you will get married, you can then begin to think about a theme. Will it be a traditional wedding? Perhaps you will plan your wedding in the fall and make it a rustic theme. Beach weddings are common in the warmer months and vintage weddings are popular anytime of the year.

Once you have decided on a theme and the time of year, your colors and dress style will be next. If you wish to stay traditional then you already know this is up to you because you know it is bad luck for your prince to see the bridal dress before the big day. You will probably want to take your maid of honor and maybe your mom, but limit it to just a couple people because too many opinions can be overwhelming. More than likely you have your own style preference and it probably matches your personality. You will need to decide if you want white or ivory and what style will go best with your theme. There are a number of bridal dresses to choose from. Some styles you may want to consider are: .

Phoenix Gowns

Phoenix Gowns

  • Fit and Flare bridal dresses that match your fun personality.
  • A Ball Gown will be just perfect when your Prince Charming sweeps you off into the sunset on his horse-drawn carriage.
  • A-Line bridal dresses keep it traditional and classic.
  • A Sheath bridal dress shows you are a calm person.
  • A Tea-Length bridal dress says you like elegance.
  • A Mermaid bridal dress can be worn to show off your glamorous personality.

After you have your theme and your dress picked out, your prince will need a tuxedo . You will also have to pick out dresses and matching for the wedding party. Rose Tuxedo has three locations and they will be happy to assist you with all your needs and accessories. And Suit rentals for guest.

Planning a wedding can be exciting and sometimes stressful, but always remember that it is your day to share with your Prince Charming and the two of you will live happily ever after. Affordable that won’t break your bank.