Rose Tuxedo: Pretty Soon You’re Going to Need a Tuxedo

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Rose Tuxedo : Pretty Soon You’re Going to Need a Tuxedo

Rose tuxedo Grey suit or tuxedoThis is one of those times of year that is going to be full of events that will require formal wear.  What with proms, weddings, graduation parties, now is the time for you to think about renting what you are going to need for these special occasions.  Lucky for you, if you live in the greater Phoenix area, you have access to one of the most experienced and reputable tuxedo rental businesses anywhere in the country.  That’s right, Phoenix’s very own formal wear experts, Rose Tuxedo.  Don’t even think of renting your anywhere else.  The reasons are:

  • Rose knows how to dress men from Arizona because we have been doing just that for over 25 years.
  • The big box stores like Men’s Wearhouse, Bridal Shops,  and Mobile Tuxedo Company, don’t get their tuxedos  in until late in the day on Thursdays and Fridays.  Thursday or Friday, depending on which weekend date the event is going to take place, is one day before the special event.  Local rental businesses, like Tuxedo Specialists, can get the tuxedos  ready early because we have our own stock. Do you want to wait one day before your wedding, prom, or party to try on your tuxedo?  The answer is “NO”.
  • You are going to get personal attention at Rose Tuxedo.  The fitting takes place right in the store.  Alterations are quick and easy.  This is another reason it is best to rent from a reputable local company like Rose Tuxedo.  Everyone makes mistakes, right?  If, after you get your measurements taken, you try on the tuxedo and it isn’t right, Rose can fix it in no time flat. Not so with the non-local stores.  Remember, our alterations are done on-sight, and we have the largest tuxedo inventory in the state.The men and women of Rose’s are going to assist you until you are satisfied with your garments.
  • Rose Tuxedo has a tremendous inventory of formal suits, tuxedos, vests, ties, bow ties, and shoes.  What you want to wear, you will find at Rose Tuxedo.  Think the color you want won’t be available?  Certainly not the case because Rose has any color, style, type, and size that you can come up with.
  • Did the bride, or your date, tell you what color pocket handkerchief, vest, or tie should be?  Have you never heard of such a color?  Not to worry, Rose Tuxedo has heard of it and can make sure you have it for the event.  We want to keep the ladies happy, right?
  • Also, another reason your lady will be glad you chose Rose Tuxedo is because we have our style choices on Pinterest.  Trust us, she will be tickled pink; or maybe lavender, dusty rose, or mauve.
  • Rose Tuxedo is affordable.  We have rentals for $40 less than the big box stores.
  • Ever heard of a Western tuxedo?  Look on Pinterest.  If you’re a western kind of dude, you will love this style of tuxedo, and Rose Tuxedo has them.

Call Rose Tuxedo, Phoenix, or browse around our website.  When you decide what you want, come on down to one of our three convenient locations and we will have you fixed up in a flash.


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