Are you a man who finds tidying up in a formal wear difficult? You’ve Come to the right place. We have been in the business of dressing men long enough to compile these hacks to help you clean up nice and good.

Dress to be addressed. We’ve heard that a lot. Although a cliché, it carries a lot of truth in it. When you appear in a formal wear to occasions, events, and meetings, you and your opinions are taken seriously. Without doing anything but simply appearing in a suit or tux that clings to your frame comfortably, you command respect from people. Knowledge of the different types of fit.

Man in a tuxedo

Man in a tuxedo

When going out in a suit or tux , you need to do it the proper way. You don’t just put on anything simply because of its called tux. It has to be the appropriate fit for you that’s why knowledge of the different typed of fit is important. There are

The Slim Fit

Slim fit is tailored to hug onto your frame and the contours of your body comfortably. They usually come together with flat front pants. The trousers are designed to have a very little break. The recognizable features of the slim fit are the higher armhole, narrow sleeves, tapered body, slim lapel and a coat with a shorter length.

The Classic Fit