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Spanish Wedding and quince as it is known, the Hispanic community has been expanding in localities whose population does not speak Spanish. Beyond the language, these people have been responsible for bringing their customs and traditions to the new place that welcomes them. One of the factors in which it is most evident is in their celebrations since Hispanic people have the distinction of being very creative when making a party or commemorating an important date.

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Over the years, certain characteristics of these events have changed or evolved, nevertheless, their essence remains almost intact as Latinos are often very loyal to the practices they acquired from their ancestors. Weddings and Fifteenth-birthday parties are a clear example of this.

Fifteen-year-old parties, also known as “Quince’s” or “Quinciañera” are a tradition coming from Central and South American countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela; this is one of the most emblematic celebrations of the Latino community as they celebrate the transition of a girl who grows up and becomes a woman. In the same way, Hispanic weddings are held as a symbol of family unity, love and, in many cases, religion. For that reason, the way in which they are carried out is very important.

Make your quinceanera unique
Make your quinceanera unique

One of the most striking aspects, for example, is the use of gold coins to symbolize the responsibility that men will have to take care of women economically, committing to caring for and supporting them. Another traditional practice is the throwing of grains of rice or wheat on the couple at the moment in which both leave the church with the purpose of symbolizing the abundance and prosperity that the new marriage will have. In the case of quinciañeras; that is to say, girls who reach their 15th birthday, they perform rituals in which they change a shoe by a heel representing their growth and they also dance what is known as “el vals” (“waltz” in English) with their father and male relatives.

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All these traditions are carried out by 99% of Hispanic families and are considered very important ceremonies. Therefore, another significant factor is clothing. In both cases, this must be formal; women wear long elegant dresses with striking decorations while men wear tuxedos or night suits that make them look impeccable.

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