ellenSuits and tuxedos look great on everyone! Men, women, children, teenagers! Halloween is only a few weeks away, and you may be scrambling for a costume. Maybe you have one Halloween party to go to, or maybe you have several throughout the month! We’re here to help give you some great ideas for a Halloween costume that won’t break the bank and will look great on you.

When you go to a Halloween costume store you may find a ton of awesome costumes. There’s one major problem, however; they’re over-priced. They cost a fortune for the materials they’re made of. Now, you could always rent a costume from a high-end costume shop or make your own costume, but who has the time for that? Making a costume from scratch is costly and time consuming. Why not make a costume out of a suit you already have, or rent a high quality suit or tuxedo for a great looking costume for the same price (or less) as those expensive costumes in a bag.

Today we’ll start talking about ways you can wear a suit or tux as a Halloween costume. We brought this up last year, but we’ve got even more ideas now!

  1. Secret Service or other Security: With all of this talk about Trump running for president, and people talking about politics, why not dress up as a secret service agent or some other high-end security service? You’ll look great and this can complement the costume of a friend dressing up as a president or other high-profile person.
  2. Ellen: Men or women can probably pull off an Ellen DeGeneres costume. Our favorite suit-loving lady is a great choice for women who want to be comfortable and cute.
  3. Bride-And-Groom: She can wear a pretty white dress (check out thrift stores or consignment shops for cheap! Or she can wear her gown from your wedding, if you’re already married) and you can put on a great tuxedo. This is an amazing couple’s costume. You can even add a tuxedo to a little one for a ring bearer outfit!
  4. Mobster: From Zoot suits to classic pinstripes, a suit can make a great mafia or mob member costume. No one will mess with you and you’ll look amazing. Throw in some fake guns and a fake cigar and you’re in business.

  5. The Penguin: Whether you’re a fan of the classic Batman shows and movies or you’re into the Fox show “Gotham,” a black suit and an umbrella will make a pretty wicked costume.
  6. Vampire: Throw on a classic suit and some vampire teeth and you’re ready to go—with pockets to carry aro