Tuxedo For Rent: The Effects of Good Tailoring

It’s no secret that looking your best is a key to being confident, but putting your best outfit forward also helps people put their confidence in you.

Tuxedo measurements and wearing clothes that fit and look dignified has long been a way to prove to the world who we are and what we are here to accomplish. Suits and custom, made-to-fit clothing, like tuxedos , are usually reserved for Manhattan businessmen and formal events, but the art of having tailored clothes goes beyond just getting a tux fitted for a formal event.

tux tailoring

the art of tailoring

The art of tailoring has been an occupation since the Middle Ages, with the word “tailor” first appearing on the scene in the Oxford Dictionary in 1297.

From kings of centuries ago, to businessmen today, the concept of wearing pieces made to fit just right and look one’s best has been regarded as an important form of self-expression and regard for oneself.

Wearing an ill-fitting or haphazardly-made suit to a job interview today can be seen as a sign of apathy towards one’s potential employer and even potentially cost you the job. In fact, not putting in the effort to achieve that custom, clean, perfect fit can leave an underwhelming taste in the mouth of witnesses at important events like galas, proms, and weddings.

suit measurement

how to measure for a suit

But, fear not! A perfectly tailored look is not far away, if you know the right place to look. It’s important to r