The Dos and Don’ts of Tuxedo Etiquette: How to Look Your Absolute Best at Formal Events

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When attending a special event that requires you to look your absolute best, whether it be for a wedding, bar mitzvah, or black-tie gala, a fills in.

Wearing a tuxedo for casual events is ruining its worth, but it will be greatly valued on formal occasions. So let’s stick to formal occasions. Wearing a tuxedo is not about putting on a fancy suit, it’s about ensuring appropriate etiquette to look chivalrous. But simply wearing a tuxedo doesn’t guarantee elegance. There are some do’s and don’ts you need to follow. 

These rules will help you to avoid errors and earn a ravishing look that is worth turning heads. We have listed some of them for you here.

Let’s unveil them!

How It All Began

Before we continue, let’s go back in time to where it all began. The tuxedo in 1865 was named after Tuxedo Park, in New York where it was first worn. 

A man called Griswold Lorillard asked his tailor, Pierre Lorillard IV, to design a more comfortable formal attire by making a jacket shorter in the front and longer in the back for easier motion.

The new jacket impressed Lorillard’s friends, and it became popular in Tuxedo Park and beyond. Over time, the style evolved to incorporate the satin lapels and stripes that are now part of the tuxedo. 

The tuxedo was made for comfort and etiquette and was named after its birthplace.

When Should You Wear Your Tux?

You would be dishonoring your tux if you wear it in the daytime. They are best worn at night. In some areas, they define “night” as after 6 pm or when it gets dark. 

The tuxedo also has a daytime option called the morning coat. In the US, after World War II, people began wearing during the day. But it’s still important you follow the “night” rule unless you’re going to a fancy event or a diplomatic function.

Can Boys Wear ?

are for grown-up events, so they’re not appropriate for toddlers or young boys. Generally, boys shouldn’t wear until they’re fifteen and tails until they’re eighteen. A simple rule to remember is that if a boy can’t tie a bow tie, he’s too young to wear a tuxedo.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tuxedo 

You can have that classy gentleman spark at your next formal event. This won’t be a hassle if you follow these dos and don’ts for tuxedo etiquette:

1. Do pick the right tuxedo

This is the first and most vital rule of tuxedo etiquette. A classic black or midnight blue tuxedo with a cloak or peak lapel always looks nice. Ensure that the fabric for your tuxedo is high quality, remember you want to look classy. Have your tuxedo tailored to your body. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.

2. Do wear a formal shirt

A tuxedo needs a precise kind of shirt. Wear a formal shirt with a pleated front, French cuffs, and a wing or turndown collar. To slay your tuxedo like a classic gentleman, wear a crispy clean white shirt. Whether it’s a black, navy blue, or dark gray tux, a white shirt is always a perfect choice.

3. Do put on a bow tie

Rock your tux with the perfect bow tie. Regular neckties are turn offs. Your bow tie should correspond with the lapel of your tuxedo and be made of silk. It should be correctly tied and adjusted to fit tightly around your neck.

4. Do wear the right shoes

The right shoes can make or break a tuxedo outfit. And a wrong one can make you stand out. But in the wrong way. Loafers, sneakers, or any other casual footwear aren’t appropriate for a tuxedo.

5. Do keep clean 

Practicing good grooming is a necessity if you want to look your absolute best in your tuxedo. Get a fresh haircut, shave or trim your beard, and keep your nails clean and trimmed. Also, ensure your shirt and tuxedo pants are properly dry-cleaned. Wearing a dirty or rumpled dress isn’t chivalrous.

The Don’ts of a Tuxedo

There are also lists of don’ts. Avoiding the don’ts is a good step to look your absolute best on a tuxedo. We’ve made a list for you.

1. Don’t wear a belt

Slaying your tuxedo with a belt isn’t sleek. We’d suggest you go for suspenders or braces to hold your pants properly.

2. Don’t wear a watch 

Should you wear a watch in a tux? Absolutely not! Instead, check the time discreetly with your phone or ask someone close by. 

3. Don’t carry a backpack or a courier bag

Carrying a backpack or courier bag will ruin your elegance. A tuxedo outfit requires a simplified appearance. You can carry a small clutch bag or preferably wear a suit jacket with inner pockets.

4. Don’t wear too much cologne

Wearing the right quantity of cologne is essential to maintain your elegance. Using too much cologne will get people irritated when close to you. A light perfume will do the trick.

5. Don’t prepare late

It’s smart to prepare your tuxedo a few days before your event to be safe. If you’re renting one, choose a trustworthy company and ask them to deliver it to you on time. However, some companies now offer last-minute services but, It’s not polite to wait until the last minute. You might arrive late for the occasion.

A Word From Rose Tuxedo 

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