Things to Know When Putting on a Tuxedo

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Just putting on a that is finely tailored to suit your body is enough to get you looking awesome, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are things you need to know to ensure the you’re in makes you look your best. Take for instance the fact that some people wear tuxes with sleeves that reach up to their palms. This is so wrong and totally out of place in today’s fashion, bringing us to the first in this list:

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Things to Know When Putting on a

1. Tux Sleeves Should be Slightly Shorter Than Your Shirt Sleeves

This usually works best if your shirt is of a color different from that of your . That change in color at your wrist is very classy and cool. Just rest your hands at your sides and straighten your sleeves to see if your coat sleeves are slightly shorter. Make sure your shirt sleeves are well up to your wrist first. A very wrong way to determine the length of your tux sleeves is to raise your hands in front of you.

2. Your Tuxedo Trousers Shouldn’t Be Cut Too Low

You trouser should not be too long either. It shouldn’t be so long it falls over your shoe to the floor and drags on the ground. Neither should it be so short it reveals your socks. It has to be of the right length, a length where it makes a slight break right above your shoe.

3. Tux Shoulders Should Be a Fit

What’s the point wearing a tuxedo if it’s going to be too big and lose fit for you? Ensure your fits snugly on your frame before you go out for a formal event. It’s a formal attire and you don’t want to screw up your looks.

4. Tuxedo Trousers Are Never Cuffed

Are your trousers too long for you? Trying to salvage the situation by cuffing it is a bad idea, just ditch the trousers and get yourself another pair that fits.

5. Never Ditch Your Cuff Links

Those holes at the sleeves of your tux shirts are not for fancy. Don’t be tempted to go to a formal occasion or any occasion at all without your cufflinks where they should be. Your formal tuxedo outfit is not complete without those cufflinks.

6. Shirt Collars Should Fit Snugly At The Neck

Yes, they’re not supposed to be loose. Using a tie on a collar that’s loose makes your tie (bow or necktie) appear too far from your neck and sloppy.

7. The Breast Pocket Has a Use

Sometimes I see some men leave the breast pockets of the tuxes empty. This is a fashion crime against tuxedos and all over the world. Those pockets are meant for pocket squares, make sure to get one. Most ties come with pocket squares because they are supposed to match your ties.

Remember these next time you want to appear in a tuxedo, apply them and you’ll look dashing. That at the least you take your looks seriously will command the respect of all you meet in that occasion.

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