Just putting on a that is finely tailored to suit your body is enough to get you looking awesome, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are things you need to know to ensure the you’re in makes you look your best. Take for instance the fact that some people wear tuxes with sleeves that reach up to their palms. This is so wrong and totally out of place in today’s fashion, bringing us to the first in this list:

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Things to Know When Putting on a

1. Sleeves Should be Slightly Shorter Than Your Shirt Sleeves

This usually works best if your shirt is of a color different from that of your tuxedo . That change in color at your wrist is very classy and cool. Just rest your hands at your sides and straighten your sleeves to see if your coat sleeves are slightly shorter. Make sure your shirt sleeves are well up to your wrist first. A very wrong way to determine the length of your sleeves is to raise your hands in front of you.

2. Your Tuxedo Trousers Shouldn’t Be Cut Too Low

You trouser should not be too long either. It shouldn’t be so long it falls over your shoe to the floor and drags on the ground. Neithe