Mexican wedding traditions


A lot of time is spent on wedding planning, there are couples who take months and even years to prepare for that wonderful day. From the invitations to the party, through the most important element: the costumes. It requires advance and a lot of organization to make everything perfect. Sometimes the bride and groom can organize the wedding alone or, most commonly, family and friends are involved in these preparations.


Spanish Wedding

The important thing is that they take care of every detail, that they take their time to plan everything and that although it is good to listen to advice, it is the bride and groom who have the final decision on this occasion.

Wanting to give you some help to make that day perfect, we bring you a series of details, tips, and advice that we hope will be of great help.

Essential Details for Your Wedding Day

Mexican Wedding

Cake: decoration, flavors, size. These are important elements that range from the theme and color palette of the wedding to the most special flavors for the bride and groom. What detail should you not miss with the cake? Estimate the correct number of portions by the number of guests, choose the filling and decorate according to the and the location of the celebration.

Something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue: most brides know that they need these elements as part of the wedding day tradition, to attract good fortune to marriage.

If you feel that any of these elements are difficult to incorporate into your outfit that day, appeal to the imagination and remember that not necessarily any of those elements should be in a visible place. For example, a blue detail in the lingerie, some earrings inherited from the grandmother, a bracelet borrowed from your mother or mother-in-law, since with the new it will surely be much easier to get it right.


Spanish Tuxedos

Make forecasts with these little tips

For the bride:

Wear extra shoes: To avoid any setback with the shoes you wear at the ceremony, dance comfortably and you can enjoy the celebration in style, wear comfortable shoes especially for the occasion. Try to choose ones that match the color of your dress.

Do not forget the kit to keep your makeup intact: Ten handkerchiefs or napkins, prepare specially for the emotional moments when teardrops escape and endanger the beautiful makeup for which you’ve spent hours wearing.

For the groom:

Pamper yourself a little: Although the bride ends up being the center of attention, remember that you are the other celebrant of the occasion. In addition to wearing an impeccable suit, take some time for yourself. The hair, face, hands, attend a spa to help you be the most attractive groom.

And most importantly, enjoy the moment. This day leaves memories for lifetime.