Top Ideas for a Winter Wedding You’ll Never Forget

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Saying ‘I do’ during winter gives romantic shivers. it even gets more magical if you properly protect yourself from the frigid winter cold when saying it. There are so many exciting ways to plan a winter wedding. Winter weddings come with an atmosphere for sparkles. We came up with a few tips to help you plan and achieve your desired winter wedding.

Let’s show them to you!

Top Ideas to Make Your Winter Wedding Go Smoothly

There’s no such thing as wedding season anymore. Over the years, more couples are fixing their wedding during winter because of the winter wonderland they can create. We have some ideas that will help you plan your wedding during the winter.

1. Choose the right venue

Choosing the right venue for your winter nuptial can be a dilemma! Think of a space that will provide shelter and keep your guests warm. Choosing the right venue is essential if you don’t want to make a mess of your wedding.

Let’s help you with a few tips to help you choose the perfect venue for your winter wedding

  • Begin your search early
  • Start by searching online
  • Choose a venue with the right capacity 
  • Consider your budget
  • Consider the venue’s equipment
  • Consider a venue with natural light
  • Find a venue that has a backup plan in case of bad weather
  • Make sure the venue has plenty of parking space
  • Consider a venue for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Make sure the venue has good heating unit 

2. Arrive in a horse-drawn carriage

Imagine arriving at your winter wonderland wedding in a horse-drawn carriage with a cozy faux fur blanket around the two of you. It doesn’t get much more magical or romantic than that. Doing this will have you break the .

3 . Consider a chic coat or elegant jumper

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? That’s not a bad idea so far you are properly shielded from the frigid winter cold. That is after the church ceremony, you can move to a different venue for the reception. Consider a nice warm coat, so you won’t look blue in your pictures. Buy or hire a chic coat that matches your outfit. White fluffy mohair will look amazing when paired with a silky skirt.

4. Use Christmas to your advantage

Some season elements will make beautiful additions and will lessen your wedding budget. Fairy lights on the Christmas tree can bring a minimal look to bring the outdoors in. You can decide to go full glam and decorate within your color scheme.

5. Focus on soft lighting

Lightening is a great part of your winter wedding celebrations as a large part of the wedding will happen after dark. For most venues, their show rounds go on during daylight. Visit the venue at night to check how cozy and warm the light is. If it is not as expected, think about spending the extra money on getting more lights like candelabra, fairy lights, and festoon lighting.

6. Warm guests with a hot chocolate bar

Instead of a gin bar, you can set up a mini cute hot chocolate bar where guests can mix their drinks. If you want it luxurious, you can use real chocolate nibs instead of chocolate powder. 

7. Have a sparkler send-off

Sparklers are dazzling against a dark sky. Make your guests line up and wait as the carriages arrive and light your path down to your car. The most amazing wedding photos are shot.

8. Use an excellent photographer 

You get your décor and every other thing right, but if you use an inexperienced photographer, shooting your photos in low light can be lackluster. See examples of previous work done in bad weather and at night to know their capacity.

9. Scatter candles throughout your venue 

Use candles to bring the feel of the festive season and this range from tealights to tapered pillar candles. Fuse candles into the centerpiece around the venue to give a cozy and warm feel. It’s a feel of romance and warmth.

10. Use dried fruits and spices in your decor

A fun craft project can be to dry fruits and use them in your decor. Citrus fruits work best and can be paired with cinnamon sticks and cloves and used to decorate a fir wreath or table runner.

11. Dress in a warm attire

It’s important to dress according to the season. When you go shopping for your wedding outfits, be sure to keep the season in mind at all times, and don’t get tempted to try that silk slip wedding dress making you shiver all day.

Allow the boutique to recommend ways you can get your outfit to layer with wintry accessories like faux fur boleros, -style jackets, and leather jackets. The groom should go with thicker fabrics, tweed, and wool to look chic and rustic to keep him warm. 

4 common winter mistakes couples make

1. Under communicating your plans

Giving guests little or no information is the most common winter wedding mistake. Always over-communicate what the guest should expect. Add a card to your invitation suite.

2. Not having a backup plan 

A backup plan is essential, especially if your wedding is in winter. Have a backup plan in case there is an increase in weather. If your wedding is covered in snow, making it dangerous for guests to get a certain part of the property, it’s vital to know how to pivot. Have an indoor option as Plan B for your winter wedding, this means they can change course if necessary.

3. Take all your wedding photos outdoors

You will be tempted, but don’t take all your photos outside, they will be pretty in theory, and you will have pink cheeks and noses throughout. Work with a top-notch photographer to ensure indoor pictures and portraits are taken.

5. Set a late ceremony time

During winter, the sunset is the earliest. Consider doing your wedding earlier if you want daylight photos.

6. Ignoring comfort for fashion 

Many couples make this mistake because they want to look trendy, but the truth is you can get both. Choose a dress that is comfortable and invoke

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