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Tuxedo  Styles

For those who went to prom and had a good time here at the end of your Senior year, can you believe it, you are almost out of high school. For those that still have prom coming up, it’s never too late to rent a tuxedo at a great price from a Local Tuxedo Specialist.  Here are a few suggestions.  Gray tuxedos  are still very popular, right along with white tuxedos .  The tw0-button black tuxedos are still the number one rental however, along with bow ties, which remain more popular than neckties.  This year it seems that fitted tuxedo coats and pants have been more often requested.  For you guys who think matching your dates dress is weird, it is still the trend and probably will remain a trend until your 5 year-old brother is renting a tux for his prom.

How about Senior Ditch Day? What a way to say, “Goodbye, school” and reward yourself for making it to the finish line. Now it’s time to move on.  Some groups of Seniors like to go to the lake or tube down the river, and others just like to enjoy the day at a friend’s  house hanging out by the swimming pool.   Some students even go to school and the teachers always give them a special break-time for showing up.  Whatever you choose to do, be safe and have fun,  because you earned it.

Graduation Day is yet another milestone in your life and there is nothing like walking for your diploma to seal the deal.  Don’t skip this one.  The feeling you get is fantastic.  Also, you need to walk so that, after the Cap and Gown, you can join your friends at a party, or for a meal.  And, since you are on a roll, you might just want to look sharp for these activities, also. You know what we say, When you Look Sharp, You’re Going to Feel Sharp!  Your Local Tuxedo Rental Shop carries more than just formal wear.  We have classy suits , beautifully pressed shirts, handsome ties, and good-looking dress pants.  But, really, however you show up, remember to be happy and proud because graduation from high school is a one-time deal and quite an accomplishment.  Most of all, this is one of the most enjoyable times of your life.  Maybe you’re going to college.  Maybe you’re going to work.  But, as Charlie Sheen said in the movie, Wall Street  (1987), “Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.”

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