So we hear so much about fitted Tuxedos and suits these days and it’s not about the customer asking for change that’s why I don’t understand why the formal wear industry talks about fitted tuxedos and suits as a current trend or what’s new. Here are some tuxedo fitting tips. Tuxedo and suit rentals or retail outfits should always fit, right? For years if you bought a suit it had a pant that came with the size of the suit but now the big thing is you can buy separates so that the pants fit maybe a little better. Sometimes the suit pant that came with the suit had a pant size that didn’t work and you were stuck with it even after a little tailoring. The difference in the Men’s formal wear business and dealing with a local tuxedo specialist you got what was considered a tailored fit because the pants were adjustable and we could just go up or down a size. Suit rentals included. skinny tuxedo pants

Also the fitted tuxedo shirt and suit shirt came a long. Just like a T-shirt should be one with a athletic fit and nonboxy cut that hugs your biceps and chest but not your middle. A nice cotton stretch blend in both T and Tuxedo shirt that provides ease of movement and minimizes wrinkles is what you want. Most Tuxedo specialist have these in stock and can go up or down a size to give you the fit you want. I must add in the formal wear business when you neck size goes up so does the mid section of your shit, it’s never a perfect science. (but can you imagine ordering a tuxedo online what you might get, always keep that in mine and use a local specialist when ever possible, plus shopping local keeps you money in the state and helps everyone)


The fit makes the man is what everybody should be saying and looking for in all your clothes. Every guy knows if his clothes fit, some may like a loser fit and others a more fitted look weather it’s jeans, T-shirt or dress slacks and sports coats. But if you want to look great in this day and age and feel good in a tuxedo or suit then here are a few things you should be looking for. A Tuxedo jacket or any nice fitted coat will not need a tape measure to get it right, heres a few things to look for.