How to Make Your Virtual or Traditional Prom in 2021 Awesome

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It’s prom season in 2021. Whether it’s going to be virtual or the traditional prom, it is probably the highlight of your high school experience. You want to get everything right, from a cool tux to a gorgeous date.

You may even be worried that you will not get it right. Probably you wish you have a checklist, so you would just know what to do exactly.

Rest assured, you are not alone in your worries. These are the concerns of every guy that cares about enjoying their prom. I had those worries too, but I did just fine.

Let me help you with a checklist that ensures your prom will rock and show you how to attain 100 percent.

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1. Finance

You need money to enjoy your prom. If your parents are not going to finance it, It’s best you start saving money several months to prom. Things like renting a tux, hiring a limo service, and dinner reservations require money. You do not want to be short of money when you really need it. So start saving.

2. Prom Date

You may prefer to go as a group if so, you do not need a date for the prom. But if you want a date to the prom, pay attention to the following details :

  • Finding a prom date: If you have a girlfriend, naturally you would go with her. If not, you could consider going with a friend or a crush. Either way, ask someone you know you would have a nice time with.
  • Asking a girl to prom: You have two ways you could do this. You could use a straightforward approach or an elaborate one. Either works. For a straightforward approach, you could simply pull the girl aside and say, “would you go to prom with me?” Or you could go all out, creative invites, chalk writing on driveways, and treasure hunts. Well, I did. I’m quite a romantic. And it worked for me. If the girl you ask says no, chin up and ask someone else.
  • When to ask: Ask her a month or two before prom. It gives her time to plan her outfit properly. Believe it or not, girls take prom very seriously.

3. Rent a Tux

This is very important. Think about it, you have a prom date. She would want to look her best, and she definitely expects the same of you. So visit a tux rental shop. It’s always better to go with a classic look, as prom is a formal occasion. This does not mean you cannot experiment, but remember, you have a date. Do not freak her out.

It’s important you communicate with your date so you would know her colors and incorporate them into little details like your pocket square and socks. Rent a tux that is the best fit for you. Keep it simple and classy.

And this is where Rose Tuxedos can help you. Walk into one of our stores in Arizona and get yourself a nice . Even if you’re out of state, we can still cater to your needs: check here.

4. Prom Tickets

Buy prom tickets for you and your date. If there is an after-prom party that requires a ticket, buy those too. Do not forget this.

5. Dinner Reservations

If your school makes provision for dinner, then you can skip this, if not pay attention. If you are going with your date in a group, you could make a dinner reservation. Bear in mind that people in the group have preferences, so avoid exotic restaurants.  Go for the more traditional ones that also serve vegetarian meals.

6. Buy her a Corsage

This is usually forgotten in all the hype. That is why you have this checklist. Buy her a corsage. You could even ask her the color she would prefer and get it. Do the shopping yourself. There is a wide range of flowers to pick from. Find out which she prefers, go to a floral shop, buy it and preserve it, usually by refrigeration.


Usually, a limo service would suffice. It behooves me to explain the pros and cons of this service. Using a limo service means you will have to pool resources with your group. And the atmosphere may not be exactly what you or your date wants. You may want a nice and romantic atmosphere, the limo service would not provide that unless, of course, you have the money to hire it alone.

If you want the fun, laughter, and heat that comes with riding with your friends, go for the limo service. If you are like me and you prefer a nice and romantic atmosphere with your date, then you could go in your car. Make your choice and make plans accordingly for it.

8. Prepare for Prom

The long-awaited day is here, you are ready to have fun. You’ve rented a tux, made dinner reservations, made transportation plans, you’re ready. There are still things to take care of on this day.

  • Clean your car: Wash your car, arrange the interior, polish the dashboards and take out anything that doesn’t belong in a car.
  • Clean yourself: Get a haircut, shower properly, apply cologne sparingly. It is not too much, your date is at a salon for her hair, pedicure, and she is going to look great, look good too.
  • Start early: Make sure you are ready an hour from when you are supposed to pick her up.
  • Prep Talk: You look dapper, look at the mirror. Sing Black Eyed Peas “I’ve got a feeling” to yourself. Because tonight is going to be a good night.
  • Remember to go with your tickets and corsage.

9. Pick up your Date

Get to your date’s house on time. Do not be late. She’ll probably not the downstairs, so use that time to make small talk with her parents. While talking with them, be respectful, do not use your phone or watch TV at the same time. You could tell them what time you would bring her back and assure them you would take care of her.

Compliment your date when you see her. Wear her the corsage and she would, in turn, give your boutonniere. You may be required to take some pictures, do that with a smile. After the pictures, you may go out with your date. Open the car door for her and close it after her.

10. Etiquette

  • At dinner: When you get to the restaurant with pull out a chair for your date, then take a seat. Have conversations with her. If you are in a group, ensure that you are all well behaved. Remember, your actions at the dinner set the mood for a pleasant dance.
  • At prom: Try to get to the prom venue early, so you would take pictures with your date while still fresh-faced. When you go inside, find a table and sit with your date. You are required to dance with her as often as possible. If it’s a slow dance, you could simply waltz. If it’s a fast dance, pull out some moves. But do not overwhelm your date.

Don’t be clingy, your date may want to dance in a group or spend some time with her friends, let her. It is also an opportunity for you to talk to your friends too.

  • At the after-party: If there’s a provision for an after-party by your school, you could attend it with or without your date, depending on the agreement. If there is not, and you have plans to go to a house party, make sure our date is safe. Remember the time you are supposed to take her home and act accordingly. If the party is outdoors, and it gets cold, you should offer your jacket. Be attentive if she no longer wants to be there, offer to take her home.

11. Bring her Home

The night was fun; you had a splendid time, and it’s time to take your date home. Take her home. Walk her to her door. If she had a swell time, she might be feeling happy and a bit of romance. You can kiss her goodnight. If you’re not sure if she would like that, you could ask her. A tight-lipped kiss would suffice, then bid her goodnight.

That night would really turn out to be a really good night to remember.

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