So you’re invited to a wedding and you have nowhere to start in the preparation department? We’ve got you covered! Let’s talk about what to wear, first. Once you have the right attire the rest will be easy,

Dress Code: Most wedding invitations include the dress code. If not, ask the bride or groom politely what dress code you should follow so as to be appropriately attired.

General Things To Avoid:


DO NOT talk during the ceremony or take photos with flash!

DO Turn off the flash and sounds on your phones and other camera equipment.

DO NOT bring a guest that was not cleared with the bride and groom ahead of time, including children and dates.

DO Respect the religion of the couple and all actions going on. This does not mean you have to participate if your religious beliefs do not mesh. Just be respectful and quiet and out of the way during things you are not comfortable with.

DO NOT steal a microphone during the reception (or any time, really) to sing to the couple, tell a joke, or regale the party with a story unless otherwise cleared with the hosts.

DO share the bride and groom with the other guests. This is their day.

DO NOT move around place cards or switch your (or anyone else’s) spots. If there is arranged seating it was done for a reason.

DO respect the placement of any and all decorations.

DO NOT steal any centerpieces, drinkware, or request a to-go bag of food.

DO drink responsibly and avoid operating a vehicle while under the influence.

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