Winter Formal is the next big dance between now and Prom. So now is a good time to start planning! You could consider this a practice for Prom!


Winter Ball, Winter Formal, Snow Ball, or whatever your school is calling it is a great way to show off your date to your friends or go as a group and have a great time!

Today we’ll talk a little about how to start planning for Winter Formal!

1. Choosing a Date

Ladies and Gentlemen now may be the perfect time to start looking for a date to this dance! You’ll have Winter break to get to talking and get to know your date, which gives you time to change your plans before the dance. Some schools replace this formal school dance with Sadie Hawkins.

So all of you fellas may want to be on alert, look your best and impress the ladies to get that invitation! For all of our single guys and gals, talk to your friends for a backup plan if your date falls through. But don’t be afraid to ask a girl who catches your eye! For our taken groups out there, you’d better start thinking now or you may end up going stag after all!

2. Dress Code

Some schools opt for a dress code similar to that of prom. Often times, a suit is preferred, but slacks and a nice shirt may suffice. You may want to go full out and wear a tuxedo —especially if you plan on buying one for Prom. It’s better to be over-dressed than underdressed.

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