For so many years, the tux has been known as men’s formal wear & that was the norm for so long. But in recent years, many places have expanded their line of black tie apparel to include something known as the lady tux. So what exactly is this & how does it affect the future of formal wear?

Suit for women

Suit for women

Well, it is commonly known as a suit for women that tends to have a resemblance to a tux. It is not necessarily an exact replica of a men’s tux but it is designed to look at least somewhat like it.

There are a lot of different designs they have for it. Some of them resemble a pant suit while others are designed to look a bit more dressy casual.

Then you have some that look a bit like a men’s suit and others that go for an all black look. But no matter what they look like, the questions remains: where did this look come from in the first place?

Well, historians seem to think it dates back to the 30’s when one of the stars of the silver screen showed up to a Hollywood premiere wearing a