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Rose Tuxedo - Leonardo Vest and long ties and matching bows

Rose Tuxedo Serving Chandler, AZ

The great thing about Rose Tuxedo is that they are never very far away from you in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  If you have a formal event coming up and you need help fast.  Give the location nearest to you a call, and they will guide you to their store and give you the kind of service you deserve.  Which leads us directly to a big shout-out to our customers and soon-to-be-customers in Chandler, AZ.  We know you have formal parties, graduation formals, proms, Quinceaneras, weddings and much more coming up this spring.  Give us a call or come by to see us at any of our locations and we will assist you in your fittings, choices, and in any other way we can.  Or, just give us a call and we will fill you in on all the info you need to prepare for your future events.

Ever wondered where the idea of a tuxedo began in the first place?  Apparently it all started with a guy name Pierre Lorillard IV, French, of course.  He helped create an area of land near New York City called Tuxedo Park on some land that had probably been stolen from the Algonquin Tribe.  The chief’ name was a word that sounded a lot like Tuxedo to the white men, so that is what they named the land. Lorillard rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous of the 19th , and soon the property became a hunting and fishing area for the wealthy, and then avenue for many expensive mansions.  They even had their own extremely exclusive club and named it the Tuxedo Club.

At one of the fancy balls, Pierre decided he did not want to wear the usual long tailcoat with white tie of that era.  Instead he had a tailor of the English royalty make a suit for him which consisted of a shorter jacket, like the ones worn for fox hunting, except in black.  In the end, Pierre did not wear the suit to the ball, but his raucous son did wear a suit like the one designed for his father.

Because of the status of the Lorillard family, the style was immediately imitated.  In a short time, men were appearing in their “ tuxedos ” at the fanciest area of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, assuring the acceptance of this new fashion statement.  Now, the tuxedo, in many forms, is universally accepted as the fashion norm for formal occasions.  It still has the power to make the wearer feel a little rich and famous himself.

You will have that feeling, too when you don your attire at Rose Tuxedo, serving Chandler, AZ.  Come in; pick your style and color; and find out how a tuxedo can change the way you feel about yourself.  It really is an ego-booster.

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