Tips for Young Men to Look Their Best at Quinceaneras

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Quinceañeras, no doubt, are for the girls turning 15. The day is all about them. But that doesn’t mean the young man attending can’t look dapper in his suit or . He isn’t going to steal the show. No, but he’s going to look his best and add to the color of the event.

Are you ready to figure out how to dress for a Quinceañera? Read on.

How a Boy Can Dress for a Quinceanera in Arizona

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The girls already know what to do in this situation, they’ve been preparing for it their entire lives. So, what about the boys? I mean, when you’re done playing Fortnite, how are going to turn up for your friend? We’ve got you.

Suit Up for the Quinceañera Celebration

Although a quinceañera party revolves around a 15-year-old girl, some important boys in the celebrant’s life are included in her court. Guys, you can’t just turn up at the most important event of your lady friend’s life yet in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. You need a suit. Get yourself suited up and do your part in making that day special for her.
In many quinceaneras (quince, for short), a court of honor accompanies the girl of honor alongside her parents and godparents. This group often consists of around 14 boys and girls of the party recipients choosing, half boys and half girls (chamberlains and Damas, respectfully). These boys and girls are expected to dress appropriately (suits and ties or tuxedos for the boys, prom-style dresses for the girls).
Male and female guests are often expected to dress as they would at a wedding and usually in pastel colors. As with a wedding, guests probably shouldn’t assume tuxedos. Feel free to ask the parents or the quince girl what the dress code is and plan accordingly. When in doubt, boys; wear a nice suit.
Make your quinceanera unique
Make your quinceanera unique
Since a quince usually features a mass service, you should at least plan on dressing as you would at a special church service if a dress code is not established. Once the church service is over, it’s usually appropriate to remove the suit jacket and maybe even the tie. It’s wise to keep accessories to a minimum so as not to draw attention away from the quince girl (this goes for guess and members of the court).

Rules for Dressing to a Quinceanera

If you’re closely related to the girl, you should keep it a little more formal (so definitely a suit and tie) if you’re a close friend but not in the court you may still want to wear a suit. If you’re a friend-of-a-friend, not a close friend, a distant relative, or a guest of a family member you can probably tone it down a few notches, but slacks and a nice shirt never hurts.
Some quinceaneras may feature the men wearing vaquero gear, including cowboy-styled gear (jeans, shirt, boots, and large buckle) for a sense of tradition. If you don’t own this gear and you are made aware that people are choosing that, don’t panic. If you’re not a close family member the theme isn’t as important for you to attempt to match.
Some men go in a full suit and tie, others opt for slacks and a buttoned shirt, and others go for slacks, a collared shirt, and a nice sweater. It’s important to look nice because if everyone showed up in jeans and a t-shirt it could upset the quince girl and her family. Individuals not adhering to dress expectations can be accused of not taking the event seriously, not caring about the girl, or other things you don’t want people to accuse you of. Being slightly overdressed is better than severely under-dressed.
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