If you are confusing between renting or buying your wedding day costume, we understand your feelings. Both these have their perks. Buying a new tuxedo will be an add-up investment in your wardrobe on the other hand renting will save you money and also provide you more flexibility.

So, you should be more focused towards daily lifestyle. How often do you attend high-end events that need a tuxedo ? If your wedding day is a rare event when you are going to be dressed to the nines, then renting your suit or tuxedo will be a sensible decision rather than buying. The trend of one size fits all tuxedos is old now.

Rose Tuxedo offers styles and designs that are more personalized which helps you get a custom look without any commitment. Online store Rose Tuxedo makes it easier to buy your wedding day outfit. You can place the order in minutes just select measurements, color, and design you need. No need to search out the market and waste time your tuxedo is one click away. Within days your desired tuxedo will be at your home.

How Tuxedo and Suit rental works?

How Tuxedo and Suit rental works

Although renting online is a more streamlined process but it does not mean you have to compromise on quality or customer service. Online rental stores like Rose Tuxedo offer interactive tools so you can match different pieces to have a perfect suit. You can pair different jackets along with color bow ties. Specialized team members of Rose Tuxedo help you choose the right color and fabrics for tuxedos , suits, and other accessories.

Proper Fitting & Size of Tuxedo